Low voltage programming with Microchip Snap

One of the hardest decisions people have to make when it comes to programming/debugging is what hardware to use. There are lots of options to choose from. In fact, we have a wide selection of them at Kanda. This includes models at various price points, including the Microchip Snap. Clients can come to us for help deciding which model to buy and for lots of other useful resources. Then, they can purchase with confidence via our website.

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What affects Bluetooth range?

Initially Bluetooth was only meant to allow devices within close proximity to send and receive data. In fact, the earliest versions would struggle to reach as much as 100m in the open. Usually the operating range indoors would be closer to 10m. However, there are now newer versions like BLE and Smart that can reach up 1,000m. It is possible to extend this even more though. At Kanda we have a great range of this equipment, including top of the line long range Bluetooth products. Continue reading “What affects Bluetooth range?” »

Save on training costs with handheld programmers

The development in technology in the last few decades has been incredible. We are now in a period where the growth is exponential and it continues at a great pace. Electronics is one of the biggest growing areas. One of the most interesting parts of it is the use of microcontrollers. These incredible tiny computers are now in all kinds of goods. At Kanda we support people in using them by offering high quality handheld programmers and more. Continue reading “Save on training costs with handheld programmers” »

New PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer and PICKit 4

Kanda is a leading establishment known for manufacturing and supplying various high quality programming items for great prices. This includes programmers, PC interfaces, chips, and more. For instance, we can supply you with a PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer. We have items for a wide array of projects, so rely on us. Continue reading “New PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer and PICKit 4” »

Which Xeltek universal programmer is right for you?

At Kanda we appreciate that our customers want access to the very best programming equipment, whether it is a universal programmer or chip set. We strive to provide it, offering products from the best brands as well as our own ranges. As a result we are confident we can cater for any needs. In addition, we ensure great value for money and have lots of other great resources. Continue reading “Which Xeltek universal programmer is right for you?” »

Everything the MPLAB Snap has to offer

Our team supplies high end programming equipment to clients all around the world. We even have Microchip snap products in our collection. For years, we have been expanding our service to serve as many countries as we can. No matter the location, we strive to offer a service each client can trust. In addition, we have made the effort to ensure that there are solutions to match every budget. Continue reading “Everything the MPLAB Snap has to offer” »

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