Perform some essential inspections and experiments

Your typical programming devices are ok for development. However, the limitations will appear soon enough. This happens once you try moving on to production. It is likely your staff will have to use complex software. As a result, they shall require more training. There’s one sure-fire way of saving time here. You’ll need to use one of our handheld programmers. Continue reading “Perform some essential inspections and experiments” »

The positives of using USB for test and measurement applications

Our speciality is providing a wide array of programming gadgets. This includes the Quick USB modules. Individuals from all over the world come to us seeking these mechanisms. We work hard to cater for their needs, ensuring they can find what they are looking for quickly. As such, we make it a point to have a full inventory. Continue reading “The positives of using USB for test and measurement applications” »

Xeltek universal programmers are safe and cost effective

There are all kinds of universal programmers out there, many of which we sell to the public. Within our inventory, one can find numerous Wellon devices, as well as high quality products from Xeltek. This includes the VP-299, GP-10, and SP7100. The programmer you choose shall depend on your personal requirements. Rest assured however that each one can meet your demands. Continue reading “Xeltek universal programmers are safe and cost effective” »

Identifying power, cost, and memory requirements

The thing about standard programming utensils is that their weaknesses reveal themselves whenever you try to update the firmware in the field. This also could happen when people attempt to move their merchandise to production. The solution here is to employ one of our handheld programmers. After loading the device, you only need to plug it in and press a button; it’s that simple. Continue reading “Identifying power, cost, and memory requirements” »

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