Handling signal interference issues with Bluetooth technology

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Most wireless headsets for phone calls rely on Bluetooth tech. Having free hands during conference calls can make multitasking easier. You can get more done when you are at the desk or at home. Plus, they are vital for driving.

There is a recurring complaint from users of these devices though. Many people say that there is static sound due to signal interference. Luckily, there are several moves you can make to stop some of the issues. By properly understanding how Bluetooth functions, you can prevent further complications. What’s more, you can keep your audio clear.

Electrical interference

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have shared the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum for many years. The thing is this can lead to the signals interfering with one another. It is particularly apparent when someone is on a phone call utilising a Bluetooth headset in a house or office, and you hear static. In many cases the answer could be turning off your phone’s Wi-Fi. If that isn’t a possibility, then you should move closer to the access point. This could make your connection stronger.


Another, often overlooked, source of interference is the humble microwave. They too employ the 2.4GHz spectrum Bluetooth has. However, they make use of an extremely high power signal to heat food. Such a signal can make it tricky for you to receive the Bluetooth signals correctly. There can be audio static and slower connections. You have to move away from your microwave to stop the issue. Please let us know if you require any Arduino Bluetooth items.

Cross-body interference

There is also cross-body interference. A small fact about Bluetooth is that the radio signals don’t travel through your body too well. The reason for this is that water blocks Bluetooth’s radio frequency. Human bodies are mainly made up of water. If someone keeps their mobile phone in their pocket and their headset in their opposite ear, there may be a weak connection. This can cause some interference. Numerous mobile phone manufacturers are aware of this difficulty. They have made efforts to compensate by increasing the Bluetooth’s power.

Choosing Arduino Bluetooth solutions

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