Taking care of Bluetooth LE advertising congestion

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Bluetooth LE advertising congestion is an issue that manifests when there are too many gadgets in a single area. This is a rare occurrence. With new Bluetooth technologies though, it is becoming more likely. In this post, we will go over some of the strategies people can use to minimise congestion.

How does the Bluetooth work?

Let’s start by talking a little about how the system functions. Bluetooth LE advertising is capable of periodically transmitting. The transmission period is normally configurable from 100ms to around 10 seconds. If two Bluetooth devices end up transmitting at the same time, it is similar to two people shouting at once. The signal can become corrupted, meaning the receiver won’t be able to make any sense of it. Normally, this does not matter since you will probably see the signal the next time it sends. Since the advDelay is there, it will prevent the two sends from clashing once again.

It is not likely that advertisers will clash in the initial instance. This is because the transmit duration is extremely small if you compare to the advertising period. Advertising sends three times as well, on three separate radio frequencies. Therefore, if one gets blocked, you might hear the signal on one of the others. What this only means is that collisions rarely happen.

Newer protocols

However, there are several newer Bluetooth protocols that have rolled out. Sadly these make collisions more likely. For example, there are Bluetooth 5 advertising extensions. They enable the transmission of more data. This takes longer than the standard one to two ms, resulting in more congestion.

In addition, there is Bluetooth mesh. It functions by having relay beacons listen and re-transmit the advertising. Usually, it happens multiple times to augment reliability. Again though, it can cause some congestion. Come to us if you need long range Bluetooth items.

What to do?

If you have congestion problems, you may choose to enhance the transmission power. You could also advertise more frequently to amplify your chances of being seen. Yet, this will be counterproductive as you will be upping the congestion, particularly if your devices are the main contributors.

What you can do instead is increase your advertising period to lower the chances of collisions. Moreover, you could increase the receiver scanning period to heighten the likelihood of detections. One other possibility would be seeking out and disposing of undesired utensils advertising too often. Examples include displays or smartphones.

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