A look at the KF0020M programmer

Kanda dedicates a great deal of time and effort towards providing customers with first class programming apparatus. Stocking a large variety of products, including the likes of our keyfob programmers, we are confident that we have something that can fulfil your every requirement. Reasonably priced and delivered using a quick and efficient service, there is no reason not to deal with us. Continue reading “A look at the KF0020M programmer” »

Home automation at its best with Zigbee

If you are an electronic trainer or engineer whom just so happens to be after the top performing gadgets, then you’ve come to the right place. Supplying a large assortment of programming utensils, including the essential programming and Zigbee starter kits, we have everything you require to get your operations going. Sufficiently priced and distributed via a hasty delivery service, ours are the products for you. Continue reading “Home automation at its best with Zigbee” »

Getting to grips with the AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit

When it comes to programming utensils, we are considered one of the top providers around. Stocking an impressive collection of technological apparatus, including our AVR handheld programmers, we have everything that an experienced or aspiring programmer requires to complete their project. Complete with cost effective prices and a quick delivery service, the merchandise we stock should be the first thing that comes to mind. Continue reading “Getting to grips with the AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit” »

USB is excellent for test and measurement applications

Here at Kanda we work to provide clients with quality products that fulfil their every need. Excellent for electronic engineers as well as trainers, our selection of products are investments worth the money. As a top supplier of Quick USB Modules, we are the people to call whenever your situation demands such technology. Continue reading “USB is excellent for test and measurement applications” »

How does the ST7 keyfob operate?

Just like any other professional, electrical trainers and engineers need the correct tools in order to do their job properly. It is in this area that we excel the most, with our team providing a host of high calibre programming apparatus at reasonable prices. Whatever it is that you require, be it ST7 keyfob programmers or something similar, we can help you in procuring it. Continue reading “How does the ST7 keyfob operate?” »

Reasons to choose Arduino starter kits

As a specialist provider of programming mechanisms, you can be certain that we are well equipped to meet our customer’s requirements. Be it a pic programmer or something similar, we can supply electronic trainers and engineers with all the tools necessary for them to complete their work. We also stock a number of starter kits too, the perfect products for those who are just getting to grips with everything. Continue reading “Reasons to choose Arduino starter kits” »

The GP-10’s trio of modes

Electronic trainers and engineers alike require the proper tools if they intend to do their job correctly, and this is where our company comes in. Stocking an impressive collection of universal programmers, which are designed to last, we’re certain that there’s something in our inventory that suits your needs. Available for a reasonable price and delivered promptly following an order, our equipment should be the first you consider using. Continue reading “The GP-10’s trio of modes” »

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