Why are universal programmers essential?

Whatever kind of embedded system or integrated circuit you are creating, you will need the ability to program the memory device or programmable logic device. Without doing this, the system or circuit will not work. The best piece of equipment to have here is one of the market leading universal programmers. Brands like Wellon and Xeltek offer some of the most reliable products.

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What range does Bluetooth 5.0 offer?

Wireless technology is one of the most interesting growth markets. In the last few years there has been a big boom in the quality and demand for these products. Now you can find everything from high quality headphones to speakers, gaming controllers and wireless chargers. As the market grows, demands increase on things like the ranges and networking. Luckily, there are plenty of options. This includes high quality long range Bluetooth solutions.

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Low voltage programming with Microchip Snap

One of the hardest decisions people have to make when it comes to programming/debugging is what hardware to use. There are lots of options to choose from. In fact, we have a wide selection of them at Kanda. This includes models at various price points, including the Microchip Snap. Clients can come to us for help deciding which model to buy and for lots of other useful resources. Then, they can purchase with confidence via our website.

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What affects Bluetooth range?

Initially Bluetooth was only meant to allow devices within close proximity to send and receive data. In fact, the earliest versions would struggle to reach as much as 100m in the open. Usually the operating range indoors would be closer to 10m. However, there are now newer versions like BLE and Smart that can reach up 1,000m. It is possible to extend this even more though. At Kanda we have a great range of this equipment, including top of the line long range Bluetooth products. Continue reading “What affects Bluetooth range?” »

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