Are there any differences between USB 3.0 and 3.1?

We work hard to ensure we know what the most suitable programming utensils are for our customers. That is why we are the most trustworthy providers of products like Quick USB modules. Not to mention, we ensure the items we stock are high quality and reliable. The Kanda name is known throughout the world for the work we do, so you can buy from us with confidence.

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AVR High Voltage Programmer

The only way to re-enable Reset or SPIEN fuses on some AVR chips like ATtiny13A, to allow them to be reprogrammed, is to use High Voltage programming (HVP) method. This was available on AVR Dragon but since this has been discontinued, there is a lack of suitable programmers.

So, what is now the best solution for AVR High Voltage Programming?

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There’s more than one microchip design

We have been providing high quality programming tools for a long time now. Our experience here has given us a deep understanding of the customer’s needs. So, when someone comes to us looking for help, we will be able to recommend the ideal solution to them. This will be the case regardless of whether you need Microchip SNAP technology or something similar.

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The important details when choosing microcontrollers for vehicles

We have always done all we can to provide stellar programming utensils to our customers. There is a wide selection of products on offer here. This includes our keyfob programmers, as well as various other devices and components. With these items, you will have the means to program all sorts of microcontrollers in the field.

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Bluetooth technology is pushing us forward

Kanda is always striving to offer the very best items for engineers and other end users. We have a wide range of goods, such as Arduino Bluetooth tech and more. Due to the huge range and the fact we deliver quickly, many customers have become repeat clients. In addition, the quality means they will likely find they can still use their goods many years later.

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