Bluetooth technology is pushing us forward

Kanda is always striving to offer the very best items for engineers and other end users. We have a wide range of goods, such as Arduino Bluetooth tech and more. Due to the huge range and the fact we deliver quickly, many customers have become repeat clients. In addition, the quality means they will likely find they can still use their goods many years later.

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Zigbee leads to longer lasting batteries and less interference

It is our goal to ensure that every person has the electronic gadgets necessary to tackle their projects. To this end, we supply a wide range of products, including Bluetooth Zigbee device servers. They offer users a quick way of gaining a network interface. This is then used remotely for accessing equipment that comes with a COM port.

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Why do people like using Bluetooth from existing technology?

Our business is one that has authorisation to distribute a range of high quality electronic products from leading brands. This includes several long range Bluetooth items. What makes us stand out from the crowd is our ability to offer solutions that are both effective and reliable. These products are widely used all over the world, and you could be the next user if you buy from us.

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Debugging with MPLAB Snap

Debugging is one of the most important stages in the development of various electrical products. To do it successfully you need the right debugger/programmer. There are lots of options to reflect the number of different microcontrollers on the market. One of the most recent arrivals is the MPLAB or Microchip Snap. It stands out for being low cost while still offering the power to program various SAM Flash, PIC and AVR microcontrollers as well as 32-bit products.

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