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Everything that makes the VP-299 a standout programmer

The team here at Kanda is known throughout the world for being one of the top providers of universal programmers. Within our collection, you can find some of the most sophisticated tools available, including many from the Wellon range. Being authorised distributors of their products, in addition to countless others, we’re certain that you’ll come across a device that matches your requirements brilliantly. Continue reading “Everything that makes the VP-299 a standout programmer” »

Which starter kit should I choose?

Every programmer needs to start somewhere, and there’s no place better than with our starter kits. Known as a premier provider of these devices, people specifically come to us whenever they are looking for not only a good deal, but also superior merchandise. We also pride ourselves on being able to offer customers a custom modification and design service, something we recommend for everyone with requirements that are a bit out of the ordinary. Whatever it is you need, we promise to do everything in our power to get it to you. Continue reading “Which starter kit should I choose?” »

Administering the protocol within USBASP is easier than you think

Top-notch handheld programmers are certainly hard to come by, unless you choose to shop with us of course. We have everything from AVR models to PIC and SAMD designs, each of which are suitable for both production and field applications. Coming with a considerable assortment of features, and having separate adapters and connectors available for purchase if required, ours are the devices you can trust. Continue reading “Administering the protocol within USBASP is easier than you think” »

The power aspects of Quick USB modules

If you are a programmer that is currently seeking out top quality Quick USB modules, we’re happy to tell you that you’ve arrived at the right place. As authorised distributors, our team is fully capable of providing the machinery needed for you to fulfil your requirements and for a nice price as well. With both introductory bundles and separate modules available, beginners and veterans alike can take advantage of our products. Continue reading “The power aspects of Quick USB modules” »

A look at the KF0020M programmer

Kanda dedicates a great deal of time and effort towards providing customers with first class programming apparatus. Stocking a large variety of products, including the likes of our keyfob programmers, we are confident that we have something that can fulfil your every requirement. Reasonably priced and delivered using a quick and efficient service, there is no reason not to deal with us. Continue reading “A look at the KF0020M programmer” »

Home automation at its best with Zigbee

If you are an electronic trainer or engineer whom just so happens to be after the top performing gadgets, then you’ve come to the right place. Supplying a large assortment of programming utensils, including the essential programming and Zigbee starter kits, we have everything you require to get your operations going. Sufficiently priced and distributed via a hasty delivery service, ours are the products for you. Continue reading “Home automation at its best with Zigbee” »

Getting to grips with the AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit

When it comes to programming utensils, we are considered one of the top providers around. Stocking an impressive collection of technological apparatus, including our AVR handheld programmers, we have everything that an experienced or aspiring programmer requires to complete their project. Complete with cost effective prices and a quick delivery service, the merchandise we stock should be the first thing that comes to mind. Continue reading “Getting to grips with the AVR Hand Held Programmer Starter Kit” »