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The concepts surrounding debuggers

There are plenty of products out there with similar functions. To avoid wasting your money though, you need to know which is the best. We happen to provide the finest Arduino Bluetooth merchandise available. If you are involved in programming these devices could be perfect for you. Once you’ve seen them in action for yourself, you will see why they are so popular. Continue reading “The concepts surrounding debuggers” »

What’s included with the PIC starter kits?

Kanda are a company with a reputation for supplying the finest programming utensils in the country. This includes starter kits. You can pick from a wide variety of designs, each with their own purpose. For example, the AVR Xmega Development Board allows you to familiarise yourself with the Xmega microcontroller. There is much more to discover about our merchandise however. Continue reading “What’s included with the PIC starter kits?” »

USB simplifies data acquisition

Programming equipment doesn’t usually come cheap. However, we are the first choice for many because of our outstanding selection and prices. People are often surprised at the amount they need to pay to purchase our goods. Whether it is programmers, Quick USB modules, adaptors or something else, we provide great value. As a result we have some very happy customers. Continue reading “USB simplifies data acquisition” »