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An easy way to introduce Ethernet connect to devices

There are a multitude of devices where Ethernet connectivity is required directly on the circuit board. Things like security systems, factory machinery, and even point of sale (POS) devices all feature it. Numerous original equipment manufacturers (OEM) choose to do this because it can shorten the layout and really help to get products to market faster. Continue reading “An easy way to introduce Ethernet connect to devices” »

Solutions to 8051-type architecture issues

Our business is one that supplies a host of useful tools for electronic engineers as well as trainers. Known far and wide throughout the world for our high degree of customer service, we are confident that the clients we have worked with would be more than willing to back us up on any positive claims that we make about our practices. Specialising in devices like ISP programmers, we are the ones to call when a first class programming apparatus is required. Continue reading “Solutions to 8051-type architecture issues” »

Programming in any environment with the right equipment

One of the things that make programming microcontrollers so tricky is the knowledge and experience that is needed in relation to software such as AVRStudio. Added to this is the amount of time and effort that is required to physically plug each device into a computer to upload the code. Fortunately handheld programmers provide the perfect solution to both. Continue reading “Programming in any environment with the right equipment” »

A simple way to add USB to a device

Incorporating a USB port into a device is essential to allow easy connectivity, programming, and updates. It can be a very tricky, time consuming job though. First you need to get the hardware. Then you need all of the software, device drivers and libraries, and have to get the user interface ready. This all adds up to a big job and potentially a lot of trial and error. Continue reading “A simple way to add USB to a device” »

Arduino is a great choice for bespoke interactive projects

Over the years we have worked very hard to ensure we stock the very best products from market leading names. As part of this we have become official suppliers for a number of brands. Of these Waveshare is one that really stands out, particularly for people who are involved in creating their own interactive projects. The Arduino range is very highly regarded because of the flexibility and performance on offer. Continue reading “Arduino is a great choice for bespoke interactive projects” »

ZigBee ZE20 starter kits are your way to straightforward success

One of the most interesting characteristics of modern life is the increasing number of ways we are embracing technology into the tasks and actions we take. Many of you will be aware of the “internet of things”, a development which allows us to control non-computerised appliances at home or work from remote locations. A necessary requirement for success with this is, of course, home and office automation systems. For those looking to implement such a system ZigBee ZE20 starter kits are perfect. Continue reading “ZigBee ZE20 starter kits are your way to straightforward success” »

The USB STK200 AVR kit for all levels of programming

One of the most important things to do when helping someone learn a new ability or skill is to make sure that what they do at the start is relevant to them as they go on. By this we mean that there is no value in teaching skills in a basic version of something when it is completely different to what will be required as they move to a more advanced level. In terms of learning about AVR programmers we have designed the USB STK200 AVR starter kits to deliver this. Continue reading “The USB STK200 AVR kit for all levels of programming” »

The advantages of a safe and reliable bulk ISP programmer device

Over the years we’ve been proud to provide In-System Programming (ISP) devices for all levels of use. These devices allow you to program – or if required re-program – logic devices and microcontrollers without any need to remove the actual chipset to carry it out. Whilst this is of great value to those involved in specific projects or prototype design, the highest level of benefit is reflected in using devices that can handle this work on a very large scale. Continue reading “The advantages of a safe and reliable bulk ISP programmer device” »