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Keyfobs are becoming more commonplace in day to day life

For the average person it would seem like there is little call or reason to have keyfob programmers. On a day-to-day basis the most common encounter anyone has with a keyfob is the one which opens and closes their car – a device which would seem to possibly one day need to be replaced rather than reprogrammed. The versatility and flexibility keyfobs offer are, however, seeing them come to be more widely used. In order to truly embrace this broader uses specific programmers for them are coming to be in greater demand. Continue reading “Keyfobs are becoming more commonplace in day to day life” »

Understanding what universal means in universal programmers

There are, to start this article with wording we wouldn’t normally use, very few areas of our world which are not touched by controversy from time to time. Our area of expertise – programmers, chips and other forms of electronic tools – is by no means an exception to this. If we were asked to identify one area in particular which has been controversial over the years, it is with little or no hesitation that we’d say universal programmers. Continue reading “Understanding what universal means in universal programmers” »

Sena – The name trusted for Bluetooth ZigBee device servers

It is true of virtually any industry that there is always one brand name which stands out for excellence more than any other. In respect of our field of speciality, Sena is such a brand. This is of course particularly true in respect of Bluetooth ZigBee device servers. These are a highly in-demand product, and Sena command an unrivalled position in terms of delivering the best and most reliable ones.

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The programming benefits of Bluetooth

With Wi-Fi networks and connectivity being so prevalent in this day and age there’s a tendency to, for want of a better term, “forget” about Bluetooth. Although it was, for many, the first experience many had with wireless connectivity, the speed, power and range possible with Wi-Fi has seen a substantial change in how we wirelessly connect devices. It would, however, be wrong to say Bluetooth has been abandoned all together. In the programming environment it still holds many distinct advantages. We supply Bluetooth starter kits designed to let you access them. Continue reading “The programming benefits of Bluetooth” »

Wellon VP-290 Universal Programmer Review

The Wellon VP-290 Universal Programmer is one of the cheapest universal programmers on the market but its build quality and reliability are excellent. It only has a 40-pin ZIF socket unlike other Wellon programmers that have 48-pin ZIF sockets. This means it is really only suitable for devices with 40 pins are less. The only exception is chips in 44 PLCC packages, such as AVR microcontrollers, which are supported by the VP-290.

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