Resolving Bluetooth pairing issues

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One of the reasons why Bluetooth technology is so appealing is because of its ease of use. All you must do is pair a device to your laptop or phone. Then you are free to use peripherals, send files, and control music without any cables. As with all technology though, it is not a perfect set up. At times, wireless gadgets disconnect or cut out during use. In other scenarios, two devices may not pair full stop. This is a frustrating issue.

However, troubleshooting is usually very easy here. What we are going to discuss is what you can do when your devices aren’t pairing. We hope it will help you to tackle the issue.

Is everything on?

Firstly, you should see whether the Bluetooth is actually on. This is an obvious solution but one that people frequently overlook. It should be easy to check on any device. For example, with iPhones it is possible to disable and enable it in the control centre or your settings. As for android, there should be a small symbol at the top corner of your screen. There is the possibility you have toggled the Bluetooth off accidentally or never turned it on at all.


The next thing you can try is disconnecting old Bluetooth devices. Older headphones and speakers have simple designs. Once they start up, they will want to automatically pair with the gadget they were most recently linking to. For instance, your partner could have recently linked their phone to the speaker and not disconnected. The next time you turn the speaker on, it may automatically pair with their device. This can happen more often with long range Bluetooth. Get them to disconnect and you should be able to connect.

Keep them together

You can try putting devices right next to each other as well. Remember that Bluetooth does not have the widest range unless you specifically choose long range models. As such, it does its best work when utensils are within close proximity to each other. Try putting your headset, speaker, or other peripheral right next to the device you are attempting to pair to.

Once you establish a connection, there is going to be more freedom to move everything a little further apart. Walls and obstacles can also interfere with the strength of a wireless connection. Even after you pair devices, remember that moving around in your home could cause problems.

Turn pairing mode on

Another solution could be to turn on pairing mode. It is possible that older speakers may have several functions assigned to one button. See to it that you read the instruction manual to understand how to get the peripheral into discoverable mode. A laptop or phone cannot recognise the utensil until you do this. Afterwards, you should be free to get into your device’s settings to find the peripheral’s name and pair manually.

Usually, when technology is in pairing mode, a light shall blink. The light will likely cease blinking after you establish a connection. Come to us if you need long range Bluetooth products.

Restart your connection

We would recommend restarting the connection too. With PCs and laptops, there can be times where the computer does not know how to recover. Rebooting the system can help. You can apply this same practice to your Bluetooth devices. Turn your speaker off for roughly 30 seconds and turn it back on after. A better idea may be to restart the Bluetooth device in addition to the master device. It is surprising how often such a simple solution can fix the problem.


One last suggestion we have is to check that you have compatible devices. Generally, Bluetooth is backwards compatible. There should not be a problem linking to older versions. Not every gadget has compatibility with the newer Bluetooth Smart technology though. If your fitness band or smart watch isn’t connecting to your phone, ensure your device is Smart ready.

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