The significance of testing AVR microcontrollers

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In this article, we will look at the primary methods of firmware testing and simulation for AVR microcontrollers. Any software testing is mandatory for you to ensure that the program works. Plus, a test will guarantee that the program will meet the requirements. But, passing tests does not ensure a total absence of errors for a project. It will simply heighten the probability of you discovering an issue early on.

Errors and costs

Errors during compilation don’t have a cost. During the initial testing stage, the costs equal that of the developer’s time. However, at the beta or alpha testing stage the cost of errors goes up. They can get higher still after launching a product in a series. Sometimes it can exceed the whole project’s outlay. You will be fortunate if it is merely about releasing a hotfix. In the worst-case scenario, you will need to recall the entire batch. With testing, the primary purpose is to save time and money.

Software testing is carried out on standardised hardware. It happens at a high level of abstraction too. The ready-made test frameworks and standard environment enable unambiguous results. This is the case no matter what hardware your product is running on.

Then there is the situation with testing microcontrollers. It is more straightforward but still confusing to an extent. It is simpler because microcontrollers are primarily for easy tasks. Examples of these can include communication with other peripheral modules, controlling display output, simple data processing, sensor data gathering, and LED blinking. The main difficulty is that the environment where your program executes depends on the controller’s manufacturer and model.

The testing methods

With the kind of testing you can use on embedded systems, there are three main possibilities.

Local tests

Firstly, there are local tests on the host machine. An advantage of this is that you can begin and work rapidly. There is zero need to access the device.

One disadvantage though would be the restricted test area. It is not going to function with exterior peripherals.

There is a great example of using this method. Let’s say you are dealing with a platform-independent computational algorithm. It is one that needs a dataset from sensors. Testing an algorithm like this with a real data source would not be convenient. It is far more advantageous to prepare a dataset you can use. This is possible by with a small logger program on the unprocessed sensor data.

Testing the MCU in simulation

One advantage of this strategy would be that you don’t require a device for testing. Additionally, you can program your own environment for your MCU.

As for the disadvantages, one is there may be a limit to the accuracy of your environmental situations and MCU. There is also the trouble with creating and configuring an emulator. Contact us if you need first rate keyfob programmers.

Testing firmware on a real MCU

The advantages here include you being able to work with the periphery of your controller. Another is that the firmware is going to work out the same way as in production.

With the disadvantages, you need to have a ready-made utensil. This is one with all components and peripherals in place. Moreover, the test cycles are going to take some time since you need to frequently reflash the MCU. It is challenging to automate testing using this method.

As you can see, each method has its own pros and cons. Thus, you need to choose one that will work best with your circumstances.

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