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USB STK200 AVR Starter Kit

AVR Microcontroller  AVR Board and Development Kit
  • Complete AVR Training Kit
  • Includes guides, schematics and books on CD
  • STK200 board with 40-pin ATmega8515
  • USB ISP programmer
  • AVRStudio development environment and WinAVR C compiler
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The best Starter Kit ever...

STK200 AVR Development Kit now with USB programmer that powers the STK200 board
The STK200 Kit designed by Kanda for Atmel AVR and ATmega microcontrollers is the most successful starter kit EVER produced. Over 30,000 STK200 Kits have been sold world-wide for embedded system development and training using the AVR microcontroller. Now Kanda have updated and improved this classic STK200 AVR Development Kit.

STK200 Main Features

The STK200 is designed for everyone from complete beginners to experienced engineers, and includes all the software, hardware and information required for AVR development.
  • AVRStudio Development environment
  • WinAVR C compiler, integrated into AVRStudio
  • Get Going with... AVR Microcontrollers book on CD
  • Embedded C book on CD
  • Sample code, full instructions and schematics
  • USB ISP programmer, with its own software or it can be integrated into Studio 4, 5 and 6
  • Comprehensive STK200 Board
  • Board can be powered by programmer or separate power supply
The STK200 Kit is a low cost solution, and does not include an emulator. AVRStudio has a simulator for basic emulation and the ISP programmer is used to run code on the board. Kits other than the basic STK200 are available that include emulators:

Overview of different starter kits and boards STK200 AVR Board with AVR JTAG ICE

STK200 Board Main Features

  • Socket support for 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin microcontrollers
  • All ports available on header pins
  • Switches and LEDs can be moved to different ports
  • Improved ADC support
  • Sockets for Flash RAM (AT29256) and Address latch
  • 2-wire EEPROM socket (24Cxxx)
  • Multiple Port B headers to correctly route signals from smaller microcontrollers
  • Clock/Port Pin jumpers on smaller sockets to free I/O pin when running
  • Compatible with existing STK200 code and applications
  • LCD interface
  • UART (RS232) circuitry and connector
  • 3 or 5V operation
  • Brownout circuit
  • ATmega8515 microcontroller fitted

STK200 Kit Contents

  • STK200 board with Atmega8515 microcontroller
  • Application Builder ATmega8515 and ATmega8535
  • USB In-System Programmer, plugs in to Studio or uses standalone software and can power STK200 board
  • AVR Studio (copyright (c) Atmel Corp.)
  • WinAVR C Compiler integrated into Studio
  • Assembler and C examples - UART, Keypad, LCD, switches, LEDs and many more
  • Complete User manual, schematics, code examples and datasheets on CD
  • Embedded C book on CD
  • Get Going with...AVR book on CD

The kit does not include a power supply but can be powered by programmer
The programmer can power board including keypad and LCD but if you want to connect lots of extra peripherals, then a power supply might be needed. Any power supply with 2.1mm barrel connector, 9-15 VDC or 6-12 VAC, will work with the board.
See related products below for a universal 9V wall transformer.

Microcontroller Support

  • ISP programmer supports all serial programmable Attiny and Atmega devices
  • Equivalent low voltage (L) microcontrollers and all V, A, PA and other variants are supported
  • Board has socket support for all 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin microcontrollers
See - STK300 Kit for socket support for 64-pin microcontrollers,

Operating Systems

  • Win 2000/XP/VISTA/7/8 (32 and 64-bit)

Software Details - STK200 Kit

Application Builder- STK200 Development Kit
The STK200 Application Builder uses wizards to generate set-up code for timers, UART, USART, ADC, SPI, ports, watchdog and interrupts. The stack pointer, external SRAM access and other microcontroller features can also be set. Allows you to quickly create source code templates, code examples and test routines, getting you started quickly. Includes Bootloader setup code.
AVR Studio
We have included the latest version of Atmel's Studio 4 development environment, with permission of Atmel Corp. It has all you need including full editor, assembler and simulator for all devices. This is the best development system from any semiconductor manufacturer by a long way. The ISP programmer is integrated into Studio or can be run separately using its own software.

The programmer will also work with AtmelStudio 6 and the example projects can be imported into AtmelStudio6, available as a download from Atmel site.

More about Studio in new window.
Unlimited WinAVR C Compiler
WinAVR GNU C-compiler AVRGCC integrates into Studio development environment, enabling projects to be developed in C or Assembler.
The ISP uses USB port and includes silent install. It is integrated into Studio 4, and can be very easily added to Studio 5 or 6, full instructions included. The software has
  • Flash and EEPROM memory editable buffers
  • Comprehensive and easy to use fuse and lock bit screens
  • Automatic ISP speed setting
  • Device identification
  • Serial numbering, RC calibration byte reading
  • Program, verify, read and erase functions

Manuals, schematics, sample code etc.

As well as a getting started guide there are board schematics, device datasheets and manuals. There is also 2 books on Microcontroller programming and on Embedded C programming on the CD. There is also a range of sample code files, covering basic I/O, UART, LCD, External memory and other topics.

Starter Kit Accessories

We have a range of accessories that plug straight into the port headers on the STK200 board. Code examples are on the CD for all accessories. Extra jumper leads are available to easily connect your own boards. An external power supply is not needed unless you add lots of extra circuits as programmer can power the board up to 100 mA.



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Ordering Information Order Code: STK200 Price: $75.00
Shipping to United States: Recorded airmail - $9.75 Express price - $19.00


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