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AVR Dragon is a combined programmer and In Circuit Emulator (ICE) for AVR microcontroller development. It operates from within AVRStudio development environment, which allows you to debug both C and assembly code, or to program your chosen AVR, from a single software program.

AVR Dragon Solutions


avr dragon emulator and programmer

Runs from AVRStudio and includes all cables for ISP, DebugWire and JTAG

AVR Training Kit

avr dragon emulator and programmer with STK200 AVR board

AVR Dragon with STK200 AVR board, plus training, sample code and books

ATmega128 Training Kit

avr dragon emulator and programmer with STK300 AVR board

AVR Dragon with STK300 64-pin AVR board, plus training, sample code and books

The Kanda AVR Dragon includes all the ISP, DebugWire, power, USB and JTAG cables needed to make it easy to setup and use, unlike the standard version. We have also included adapters to connect JTAG to STK200 and STK500 boards and compehensive instructions.

  • AVR Dragon runs from AVRStudio 4, AVRStudio 5 and AVRStudio 6
  • Supports ISP, JTAG and DebugWire (for debugging smaller devices)
  • AVRStudio software and WinAVR C Compiler included
  • Power wires, JTAG cable, 10 and 6 Way ISP and DebugWire connections
  • JTAG Adapters
  • Instructions
AVR Dragon Picture

Complete AVR Training Kits

Kanda also supply STK200 Dragon Kit and the STK300 Dragon kit which are ideal for beginners to learn how to program the AVR microcontroller. The kits include

  • AVR Dragon emulator for programming and debugging your code
  • STK200 AVR board for 8, 20, 28 or 40 pin AVRs or STK300 64-pin AVR board
  • AVR Studio and WinAVR C compiler to develop your code
  • Book on CD that covers all the basics before moving on to advanced topics
  • Sample code in C and Assembly language
  • Guides covering software and hardware
  • AVR microcontroller datasheets
  • Complete board schematics

Both the STK200 and STK300 kits are designed to teach you all you need to know to start developing your own projects. They give you a complete understanding of the AVR microcontroller and how to program it to do want you want.

This approach allows you develop your own circuits without relying on expensive modules like Basic Stamp or Arduino shields.

STK200 and STK300 AVR Boards

AVR development is much easier if you have known hardware and sample code, so our kits can include the STK200 board or STK300 board with sockets and peripherals such as LEDs, switches, ADC, EEPROM, LCD and keypad interfaces and serial port. The two boards are

STK200 Board STK300 Board
STK200 AVR Board STK300 AVR Board
Board for 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin AVR microcontrollers Board for 64-pin mounted AVR microcontrollers

Unless you have a specific project in mind that needs extra memory or lots of pins, the STK200 is the right choice for most people to start with.