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Kanda Special Offers Page

Some products are on special offer, but stocks are limited, so may not be available in all cases.

9V Mains Adapter - EU      Order Code: PSU9V-EU      Price: $3.95
9V Mains Adapter - EU
Order Code: PSU9V-EU
section: PSU Wall Transformers
New Price: $3.95
9V EU Mains Adapter
9V Wall plug type mains adapter with EU plug. Also called a wall transformer or plugin PSU. The input is 230VAC...
PIC Starter Kit      Order Code: STK-PIC      Price: $99.00
PIC Starter Kit
Order Code: STK-PIC
section: PIC Starter Kits
New Price: $99.00
PIC Starter Kit with PICKit3 and MPLAB X
Kanda PIC Starter Kit is a PIC development and training kit for PIC16F and PIC18F PIC microcontrollers. Unlike other PIC kits, it gives a structured approach to learning PIC microcontroller program
USB Platform for Programming Xilinx Devices      Order Code: QB-USB-PLATFORM      Price: $99.00
USB Platform for Programming Xilinx Devices
section: FPGA Programmers
New Price: $99.00
USB Platform for Programming Xilinx Devices including CoolRunner, Spartan and Virtex Devices
This USB downloader is perfectly compatible with Xilinx Platform Cable USB, suitable for use in programming and configuration of Xilinx devices
SIGMA USB Logic Analyzer      Order Code: SIGMA2      Price: $249.00
SIGMA USB Logic Analyzer
Order Code: SIGMA2
section: Logic Analysers
New Price: $249.00
SIGMA USB Logic Analyser
SIGMA is a powerful, fast (up to 200MHz), flexible, user-friendly and cost effective logic analyser (logic analyzer) with an extremely large event memory, real-time hardware compression and complex trigger...
USB AVR ISP In System Programmer      Order Code: AVRISP-U      Price: $39.00
USB AVR ISP In System Programmer
Order Code: AVRISP-U
section: AVR ISP Programmers
New Price: $39.00
Low cost USB port AVR ISP
The low cost AVRISP-U has its own software or can be run from Studio. It can power target and now has stronger drive to program difficult ISP circuits...
PIC ICD2 Plus Emulator and Programmer      Order Code: QB-ICD2      Price: $99.00
PIC ICD2 Plus Emulator and Programmer
Order Code: QB-ICD2
New Price: $99.00
PIC ICD2 Plus Emulator and Programmer for PIC and dsPIC
PIC-ICD2 Plus debugger and programmer is directly compatible with Microchip's original MPBA-ICD2 and with it you can do everything you can do with the original MPLAB-ICD2....
AT90S8515 PLCC AVR Microcontrollers-25      Order Code: AT90S8515-25      Price: $25.00
AT90S8515 PLCC AVR Microcontrollers-25
Order Code: AT90S8515-25
section: AVR Microcontrollers
New Price: $25.00
25 ATMEL AVR AT90S8515-JC 44 Pin Microcontrollers(PLCC44)
Pack of 25 8-BIT AVR Microcontroller, In-system Programmable with Flash and EEPROM, in PLCC 44 package.
Wellon VP-290 Universal Programmer      Order Code: VP-290      Price: $159.00
Wellon VP-290 Universal Programmer
Order Code: VP-290
section: Wellon Programmers
New Price: $159.00
VP-290 Universal Programmer with 40-pin ZIF Socket

This programmer is for a range of devices, including PIC microcontrollers, EEPROMs, AVR and other microcontrollers like AT89, plus PLDs..
Wellon Serial EEPROM Programmer      Order Code: VP-290M      Price: $159.00
Wellon Serial EEPROM Programmer
Order Code: VP-290M
section: Serial EEPROM Programmers
New Price: $159.00
VP-290 Serial EEPROM Programmer with 40-pin ZIF Socket

Serial EEPROM programmer, with support for other memory, PLDs and some microcontrollers...
Quick USB Module Introductory Bundle      Order Code: QUSB2INTRO      Price: $169.00
Quick USB Module Introductory Bundle
Order Code: QUSB2INTRO
section: USB Modules
New Price: $169.00
Quick USB Introductory Bundle for Hi-speed USB
New Intro Price
If you are looking to get started with QuickUSB, the QuickUSB Introductory Bundle contains everything you need to prototype and add high speed USB