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Kanda PIC Programmer Range

Kanda PIC programmers are reasonably priced, high quality and fast. Worldwide shipping is available by recorded airmail or Fedex. Secure online payment by Paypal or credit card or you can request payment by bank transfer during checkout.

Kanda have a PIC programmer for every application, including complete training kits, development programmers and our portable and handheld products for firmware updates and production. The PRESTO programmer is great for development, using PIC ICSP programming and also supports AVR microcontrollers, dsPIC and serial EEPROMs.

We also supply different connectors, such as RJ11 (ICD2 type) or custom adapters like edge connectors, please contact support or look at Custom ISP Connectors

Some of most popular products are shown here.

USB Handheld PIC Programmer      Order Code: PIC-HH0120      Price: $139.00

PIC Programmer  USB Handheld PIC Programmer
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Handheld PIC Programmer for PIC Microcontrollers
Easy to use, low cost but powerful PIC handheld programmer for field upgrades, trouble free production...

USB 8-Way PIC Handheld Programmer      Order Code: PIC-HH0820      Price: $179.00

PIC Programmer  USB 8-Way PIC Handheld Programmer
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USB 8-Way Handheld PIC Programmer for PIC Microcontrollers
Multiple program version of the popular Kanda handheld field and production PIC programmer for PIC microcontrollers, with 2MB of memory. Just load the programmer...

Keyfob PIC Programmer      Order Code: PIC-KF0020      Price: $59.00

PIC Programmer  Keyfob PIC Programmer
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Keyfob PIC Programmer
The Keyfob PIC Programmer is a very small standalone programmer for PIC 18F and PIC16F microcontrollers. Once it is loaded from the PC using the Starter Kit it is completely portable. It is very small...

PIC Training Kit      Order Code: PIC-KIT      Price: $149.00

PIC Programmer  PIC Training Kit
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PIC Training Kit
Kanda PIC Kit is a complete PIC development and training kit for PIC microcontrollers using PICKIT3 and MPLAB X. Unlike other PIC kits, it includes everything you need to learn PIC programming from scratch....

Standalone Portable PIC Programmer      Order Code: PIC-PP0110      Price: $379.00

PIC Programmer  Standalone Portable PIC Programmer
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Standalone Portable PIC Programmer
The standalone PIC Portable Programmer is a new more adaptable version of Kanda's long established PIC HandHeld Programmer. It has 32 program slots that are loaded from the PC and selected using keypad

PIC Microcontroller Training Kit      Order Code: PIC-TRAIN1      Price: $63.00

PIC Programmer  PIC Microcontroller Training Kit
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PIC microcontroller training kit
A simple kit for introducing PIC microcontrollers and how to start developing PIC circuits. The PIC kit includes a USB PICKit2 programmer and ICE, simple PIC board with PIC microcontroller, MPLAB...

PRESTO USB PIC Programmer      Order Code: PRESTO      Price: $129.00

PIC Programmer  PRESTO USB PIC Programmer
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PRESTO USB PIC programmer
Very fast PIC microcontroller ICSP programmer self powered from USB bus with enhanced ICSP programming capability. Supports a wide range of Microchip PIC microcontrollers...

Wellon VP-596 Universal Programmer      Order Code: VP-596      Price: $580.00

PIC Programmer  Wellon VP-596 Universal Programmer
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VP-596 USB Universal Programmer with 48-pin ZIF Socket
The VP-596 programmer is a universal programmer with support for many devices, including lots of memory chips, AVR and other microcontrollers...

Don't Know What Programmer You Need?

Everyone has a different requirement for PIC Microcontroller programming, from the basic development programmer or complete training kit, through field updates of PIC microcontrollers, to full scale production of thousands of circuit boards. The best solution for you depends on how you answer these simple questions:
  • Have you ever used PIC microcontrollers before?
    If not, we suggest a combined programmer and development kit
    PIC Trainer including PIC board, Programmer and Debugger PIC Training with Programmer Button

  • Do you want to program PIC microcontrollers in a socket, in small volume?
    If so, the lowest cost solution is the
    VP-596 48-pin Microchip Programmer VP-596 PIC Programmer with Socket Button 1

  • Do you want to program PIC microcontrollers in a socket, in large volume?
    The Xeltek range includes Universal programmers and Gang Programmers for all Microchip microcontrollers and other Microchip devices
    Xeltek Programmers Xeltek PIC Programmer Button 2

  • Do you want a PC based USB PIC ICSP, for In System Programming of PIC's?
    PRESTO supports all Microchip PIC microcontrollers, including dsPIC and PIC24 using ICSP. As a bonus it also programs serial EEPROMs and AVR microcontrollers and some other devices
    PRESTO USB Programmer Presto USB PIC Programmer Link

  • Do you want to program PIC's without a PC?
    For a programmer that doesn't use a PC, either for production or field updates, you need one of our standalone Keyfob, handheld or Portable units
    Standalone Programmers Handheld PIC Programmer Button 3

  • Do you want a unit that also programs other devices such as flash memory or more microcontrollers?
    A wide range of USB Universal Programmers, with socket and ICSP programming can be viewed on our
    USB Universal Programmer Page PIC Programmer Button 4

  • Which standalone Programmer do I need?
    The PIC Keyfob is lower cost but is LPT port only, less robust and cannot power target, Handheld programmers are tougher, have USB loaders, with better device support including PIC18F K series and latest PIC16F1xxx and the Portable Programmer is the most flexible.
    PIC Standalone Programmer Range Portable PIC Programmer Button 5

  • I want a standalone PIC Programmer that can store more than 1 program
    See 8-way PIC Handheld PIC Programmer Button 6

    or Portable Programmer PIC Programmer Button 7

Other Microchip Resources

Microchip PIC ICSP Circuit Design

If you haven't designed your PIC microcontroller circuit yet, then have a look at our recommended PIC Microcontroller ICSP interface. Microchip are a bit vague about the best design for ICSP (In System Programming) and tend to change their mind in different diagrams, so we have created a schematic that will work with all programmers.

View PIC ICSP Guide in new window.

Microchip Site

PIC microcontroller overviews and datasheets can be found here
PIC 18F Microcontroller Range

PIC16F Microcontroller Range

PIC Microcontroller Application Notes

Other Resources

If you can't afford a bought programmer, you can build your own. For example, look at Home made PIC Programmer

If Linux is your thing, then software is available - see PIC Programmer software for Linux

And some projects, ideas and Q and A
Micro Examples PIC forum
Basic PIC Microcontroller Tutorial

Kanda Microchip PIC Programmer list

Portable Programmers
Portable Programmer PIC-PP0110
PIC Handheld
Handheld Starter Kit PIC-HH0110
Handheld Programmer PIC-HH0120
8-way Handheld New Product PIC-HH0820
8-way Handheld Starter Kit New Product PIC-HH0810
PIC Keyfob Programmers
LPT Keyfob Starter Kit PIC-KF0010
LPT Keyfob PIC-KF0020
LPT Keyfob Multipack PIC-KF0030
LPT Keyfob Service Pack PIC-KF0040
Other PIC Programmers
Socket Programmer with ICSP VP-596
Socket Programmer with ICSP, 85000 Devices VP-996
Socket Programmer with ICSP, 48000 Devices SP501S