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Xeltek Universal Programmer Range

Kanda are Authorized Distributors of Xeltek SuperPro

Device Search

Xeltek Device Search Picture

Use Xeltek online search tool to quickly find the SuperPro programmer you need to program your device AND get the correct adapter

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Xeltek SP610P

SP610P Universal Programmer picture

Fast 48-pin Universal Programmer with great device support

Production ISP

Xeltek SP-01 ISP programmer picture

Production ISP with PC and standalone options. Supports thousands of devices.

Professional Programmers for Professional People

   Programmer Supported DevicesDescription
Xeltek SP611S Universal Standalone Programmer SP611S32,500 Device ListXeltek SuperPro Standalone and USB Programmer with ARM9
Faster than SP501S
Xeltek SP600P Universal Standalone Programmer SP600P30,800+ Device ListXeltek SuperPro USB 2.0 Programmer with ARM9
Faster than SP500P
Xeltek SP6100 Universal Programmer SP610P32,000+ Device ListXeltek SuperPro 610P 48-pin Universal Programmer
Xeltek SP6100 Universal Standalone Programmer SP610092,400+ Device ListXeltek SP6100 144-pin USB2.0 and Standalone Programmer
with Arm9 Core, 30% Faster than SP5000
Xeltek SP7000 Universal Standalone Programmer SP700043548 Device ListXeltek SP7000 144-pin USB2.0 and Standalone Programmer
Ultra-Fast Programming Speed: Built-in ARM11 MCU Processor improves eMMC/NANDFlash programming speed by 10 times compared to SuperPro 5000
Xeltek SP7100 Universal Standalone Programmer SP7100TBD Xeltek SP7000 144-pin USB2.0 and Standalone Programmer
Gang Programmer, super fast, programs 4 device at once
Xeltec SP-ISP01 Universal ISP Programmer SP-ISP017,700+ Device ListXeltek SuperPro ISP for Microcontrollers and memory
Xeltec SP-ISP01 Universal ISP Programmer SP-ISP037,700+ Device ListXeltek SuperPro Gang ISP for Microcontrollers and memory
Why should you buy a Xeltek Programmer?
Xeltek are ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certified

Xeltek programmers are designed for professional use, and are probably the best programmers in the world. If you need the following, then choose a Xeltek programmer.
  • Fastest programming possible
  • Huge supported device list
  • Largest range of socket converters, including latest types such as BGA
  • Reliabilty. If your production line or project deadline relies on your programmer choice, then choose Xeltek
  • Multiple cluster and Gang Programmer options
  • Advanced PC software
  • Standalone programming options, without PC

All the Xeltek Universal Programmer range have 48-pin or larger ZIF sockets, for programming N/CMOS EPROM,EEPROM, EPROM/EEPROM, and FLASH Memory plus Programmable Logic, such as CPLD, EPLD, GAL, PEEL, PALCE and more. A range of microcontrollers can also be programmed, such as Atmel AT87, AT89, AVR ATmega and ATtiny devices, Intel, Microchip PIC and dsPIC, Motorola, Signetics, Zilog and others. A wide range of socket convertors or adapters is also provided.

Which Xeltek Programmer Do I need?

Comparisons Between Xeltek Programmers and Other Manufacturers

Socket Adapters

A wide range of socket adapters are available, for devices in all sorts of packages including SOIC, SOP, SSOP, SOT, BGA, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, PSOP, FPGA, BGA and TQFP, from 6 to 208 pins.

Some of the most popular devices are listed on the shop - see Xeltek Adapter Category but many more adapters are available.

Standard Socket List in new window
BGA Socket List in new window

Large pin count devices are supported much better on programmers with more pin drivers, because this means that all pins can be connected, and one socket will support lots of devices. Less pin drivers means less pins are connected and every device will need its own socket variant, even if it is in same package.

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