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Kanda - Serial EEPROM Programmer

Kanda range of Serial EEPROM programmers and Universal programmers. Serial EEPROMs are very useful for configuration memory and data memory and can be programmed in a ZIF socket programmer or in circuit using ISP.

Serial EEPROM Programmers

The main families of Serial EEPROMs are 24C and 25C. The 24C EEPROM family use I2C communications and 25C EEPROMs use SPI. As these are two and three/four wire protocols, very few lines are needed for connection to a microcontroller or a programmer. All Serial EEPROMs retain their data when the power is switched off, most commonly for 1000 years!


This makes them ideal for storing configuration data or for use as an external data memory for microcontrollers. Our handheld EEPROM programmer can power a target circuit so the EEPROM can be separate from the rest of the circuit. This makes it possible to store configuration data or quality control information in a Serial EEPROM without powering the board, as the programmer supplies the power for serial EEPROM programming.

In System Programmers

Serial EEPROM Programmer Kanda supply an In System Programmer (ISP) for Serial EEPROM programming
This programmer uses the USB port and is comes with a color-coded flying lead for simple connection.

IC Test Clips are available to connect directly to devices in a circuit, in 8-pin SOIC and DIP packages.

Free DLL and Command Line Software is available for this programmer, with Console program and examples in VB, Delphi and C++
Ideal for building into ATE systems and production jigs.

Atmel 17LV/F Configuration EEPROMs

This Serial EEPROM Programmer also supports FPGA configuration EEPROMs. These are the AT17LVxx and AT17Fxx EEPROM series from Atmel, which are the best configurators for all FPGA devices, from Xylinx, Altera or Atmel. The programmer supports all popular file formats, including BST, MCS, HEX etc.

Handheld Programmer

Serial EEPROM Handheld Programmer The Handheld Serial EEPROM Programmer can be battery powered or connected to a Power Supply (9 VDC) for production use. It can program serial EEPROMs down to 1.8V and is really simple to use. Just press the big red button! The handheld EEPROM programmer is loaded with data and device information from the PC using the starter kit and is then completely portable.

Load the handheld from the PC using the supplied USB adapter and easy to use software and it can then be used anywhere, on the production line or for field updates.

Universal programmer

Universal Serial EEPROM Programmer Picture We have a range of Univeral programmers that can program serial EEPROMs as well as a wide range of Flash memory, EPROM, PLD and microcontrollers. Our universal programmers have 40 or 48-pin sockets and we have a range with different device support.
The lowest cost universal programmer, which has support for most serial EEPROMs is the VP-290 40-pin universal programmer

For an overview of all universal programmers, see Universal Programmer Range

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Handheld Serial EEPROM Programmer
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VP-290 Universal Programmer

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