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Universal Programmer Range

Universal Programmers support all types of memory, microcontrollers and PLD devices. They are usually equiped with a ZIF socket for insertion of the device, either 40 or 48-pin but there are also In System Programmers that program a range of devices, including memory and microcontrollers, in a circuit.

Universal Programmers with Sockets

Kanda carry two ranges of programmers with 40 or 48-pin ZIF sockets, Wellon and Xeltek. The Wellon programmers are lower cost but Xeltek support more devices. Xeltek programmers are better for larger devices, as they have 100-pin plugins to take socket adapters up to 204-pin TQFP.

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Wellon VP Universal Programmer

Xeltek Universal Programmer
Wellon Universal Programmers
  • Lowest cost
  • Support up to 45,000 devices
  • Supports all serial EEPROMs
  • PLD, PIC and AVR support
  • USB based, some standalone

Ideal for students, garages, locksmiths and occasional use, for simple memory and common microcontrollers.
  Xeltek universal programmers
  • Up to 83,000 devices
  • Most are PC and standalone
  • Huge range of sockets
  • Ideal for larger devices, over 48-pins
  • Supports all package types, including BGA, QFN etc.
  • Up to 144 pin drivers
Ideal for professional R and D, full scale production and research labs, especially for large pin count and advance packages, high speed throughput and huge device support.
A DLL can also be purchased for integration into user systems.

See Wellon Programmer Overview


See Xeltek Programmer Overview

Both ranges have a wide choice of different cost units that support different devices, including FLASH Memory, EEPROMs plus Programmable Logic, such as CPLD, EPLD, GAL, PEEL, PALCE and more. Many microcontrollers can also be programmed, such as Atmel AT87, AT89, ATmega and ATtiny devices, Intel, Microchip PIC and dsPIC, Motorola, Signetics, Zilog and others.

Lots of socket adapters are also provided for different device package types, and some universal programmers support ISP adapters for in System Programming.

Choosing the Right Programmer

If budget is no object, select the most expensive programmer you can afford as it will have the largest device support. If you know what chips you need to program then use the Xeltek Device Tool to check which unit supports all the devices you need. For Wellon, check the support list for each product.

If in doubt, contact Kanda support for assistance.
Use Xeltek online search tool to quickly find the SuperPro universal programmer you need to program your device AND get the correct adapter Xeltek Device Search Picture

In System Universal Programmers

Serial EEPROMs, Dataflash and some other serial memories can also be programmed via ISP, in a target circuit.

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VP-290 Universal Programmer picture
Low cost Universal Programmer

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