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Let us help choose the right AVR programmer for you

All our programmers are USB and support is available for all AVR microcontrollers, including ATtiny, AT90, ATmega and ATXmega.

Special Offers

Low Cost USB ISP

avrisp programmer

Works standalone or from Studio, Now reduced by 25%

Keyfob Programmer

pickit programmer and board

Best value portable unit on the market, with PC USB loader and keyfob

AVR ISP MKII Programmer USB AVR ISP Programmer Production USB AVR Programmer
  • Fully integrated with AVRStudio
  • Supports ATtiny, ATmega and ATXmega microntrollers
  • Simple plug and play USB
  • Firmware updates through Studio
  • Range of clock frequencies and voltage
  • Fast USB ISP Kit
  • 6 and 10-way ISP interfaces
  • Standalone operation or run from AVRStudio
  • Packed with features like Cal Bytes, serial numbers etc.
  • Can power target at 5V or support powered targets down to 1.8V
  • Fast USB ISP
  • Supports ISP and JTAG, includes JTAG adapter
  • DLL with example programs plus command line software
  • Multiple programmers from one PC
  • Supports AT90S and all SPI and JTAG microcontrollers
AVR DRAGON Programmer and Emulator USB AVR Handheld Programmer USB AVR Keyfob Programmer
  • Fully integrated with Studio
  • Combined programmer and ICE
  • Supports all devices including Xmega
  • Comes with all leads for ISP, JTAG and DebugWire
  • Can power target circuit
  • Standalone with one button operation
  • USB PC loader and software
  • Battery powered, or with optional power supply
  • ISP programming or JTAG (optional adapter)
  • Can power target or target can be powered
  • Standalone in keyfob case
  • One button press to program target
  • Includes USB loader and software
  • Simple wizard software to load programmer
  • Easy to reprogram, retains code and settings for ever

USB AVR Programmer Guide

Standalone GUI Yes Yes No No Yes (loader)
AVRStudio Yes No Yes Yes No
JTAG No Yes No Yes Yes
ATxmega No No Yes (PDI) Yes (JTAG) No
Power Target Yes No No Yes Yes
ICE No No No Yes (JTAG/DebugWire) No
Cased Yes Yes Yes No Yes
DLL No Yes No No No
> 1 per PC No Yes No No 1 loader, many programmers
Old AT90S Some Yes No No Yes
Target Interface 6 and 10-way 10-way (6-way available) 6-way 6 and 10-way 10-way and JTAG
Command Line No Yes No No N/A

Different Types

AVR Dragon ICE Production units Standalone Keyfob and Handheld
AVR Development Production Programmers Standalone Programmers
Studio based ISP Kits and ICE, like AVRDragon, AVRISP-MKII and JTAGICE. Plus boards including STK200 and other training kits. AVR programmers for small and medium scale production such as low cost USB ISP and Advanced AVR JTAG with standalone GUI, command line and DLL options Keyfob and handheld portable products for easy, mistake free, production and field updates. The simplest units on the market.

Portable and Standalone Programmer Guide

Our popular keyfob and handheld products are perfect for non-technical users. Once loaded from the PC, they can be taken anywhere for use in difficult environments such as kitchens or laundries. The target is programmed with a single button press, including data, fuses and lockbits. A green LED means pass and a flashing red LED means try again, what could be easier?

The keyfob version is tiny, just like a car key, low cost and very simple. The handheld version is larger, more robust with more protection against faulty circuits making it ideal for production use as well as field updates.

Keyfob and Handheld stand-alone products

Boards and Training Kits

As well as selling these AVR ISP kits on their own, we also supply a range of development and training kits with different boards for 8 to 40-pin devices (STK200), 64-pin ATmega devices (STK300) and 100-pin Xmega microcontrollers (Xmega Board).

These starter kits come with everything needed to learn about programming, including books, sample code and software. The boards are available with ISP, Dragon and JTAG ICE.

Development and Training Kits

Special Offer

Our AVRISP-U has not only been reduced in price but now includes lots of new features to make a complete AVR ISP kit including
  • Can power target circuit
  • Super drive capability to deal with capacitors, UART chips etc.
  • Standalone operation or run from Studio 4, 5 or 6
  • Easy USB install on all Windows OS, including 64-bit and Windows 8
It also includes buffer editors, serial numbering, automatic target detection and ISP speed setting and RC calibration bytes. Plus extra production features such as program start on insertion, protection against faulty target circuits and pop-up warnings so errors can't be ignored.


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