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Free AVR ISP Software for STK200, STK300 and LPT AVR Programmers

Kanda AVRISP software is now available as a Free download. This software package supports all parallel port AVR microcontroller programmers supplied with Atmel and Kanda STK200 AVR kits. It also supports most clones. This software is 32-bit only.

AVRISP V5 software

The latest version, V5, supports most AT90S, ATmega and ATtiny AVR microcontrollers. It includes all the standard programming actions - Erase, Read, Program and Verify Flash, EEPROM, fuses and lock bits. Extra features include
  • Buffer editors for Flash and EEPROM
  • Simple fuse and lock bit screens
  • Serial numbering
  • Checksums for flash and EEPROM
  • Read Calibration bytes
  • Flexible Auto-program functions

avrisp avr programmer fuse screen
avrisp avr programmer screen

Kanda LPT AVR programmer software will NOT work in 64-bit Windows OS, even in XP 32-bit mode under 64-bit Windows7. For Windows 64-bit support, you will need our low cost USB programmer.

USB AVR Programmer - AVRISP-U

Kanda's low cost USB AVR ISP version is the direct replacement for the parallel port one. This programmer includes an AVRStudio plugin so it can be run from within AVRStudio as well as standalone. It is compatable with all STK200 and STK300 boards.

Our USB programmer includes all the functions of the older LPT port programmer but it also includes

  • AVR microcontroller identification
  • Automatic ISP speed setting for fastest programming speed
  • Lots of protection from faulty circuits
  • Can power AVR target board

Free Download Link

Why not upgrade to USB?

We have a Special Offer on our new low cost USB programmer for our existing users. Add this promotional code during checkout to get your 25% off - avrispu.

Offer limited to 1 unit per customer

The USB Version of the software has same simple interface but much faster speeds, plug and play USB and extra features!

Not ready to buy yet? Well, below is your link to Kanda LPT software, but remember, you can use this code avrispu later to upgrade to our new improved USB AVR programmer with 25% off.

Download Software then visit USB Version

What is AVR ISP?

It is an In System Programmer (ISP) used to program your AVR microcontroller in system, which means in your target circuit. This has many advantages, especially for firmware updates but you need to design your AVR ISP circuit correctly.

All AVR programmers have either a 6-way or 10-way header that must be included in your circuit for easy connection. You must also avoid having too much capacitance on programming lines or reset ICs and other circuits wired incorrectly. Please see our Guide to AVR ISP Circuits for more information.

Selecting the right programmer

AVR Programmer Range

AVR USB Programmer

USB programmer
Low cost USB version. It includes an AVRStudio plugin.
LPT Programmer

LPT programmer
Original parallel port version of the programmer.
AVR JTAG Programmer

JTAG AVR programmer
USB AVR ISP programmer with JTAG and DLL support.

See Overview of Kanda AVR Programmer Range, including AVR Handheld Programmer

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