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STK200 AVR boards with Training

STK200 and STK300 kits are ideal for learning about microcontrollers, whether you just have a project in mind or want to understand how to code. They are also great AVR development platforms, giving you simple, effective hardware and software.

AVR Microcontroller Kits

Low Cost STK200

stk200 avr board

Training kit with AVR board and AVR ISP plus training

STK200 with AVR Dragon

avr board with AVR Dragon

Training kit with AVR board and AVR DRAGON emulator/programmer plus training

STK300 with AVR Dragon

stk300 avr board with AVR Dragon

Training kit with 64 Pin AVR board and AVR DRAGON emulator/programmer plus training

STK300 with AVR ISP

stk300 avr board with AVR isp

Training kit with 64 Pin AVR board and AVR ISP programmer plus training

Learning About Microcontrollers with STK200

The STK200 AVR training kit is a flexible tool. It can be both

  • A complete Atmel AVR microcontroller training kit for learning about microcontrollers and embedded programming
  • An evaluation and development board for AVR ATmega and ATtiny microcontrollers

It is an ideal learning tool as it is easier to use than Atmel STK500, and includes lots of training material. Also, the AVR range from Atmel are probably the easiest devices to learn as their structure is simpler than Microchip PIC, which is the other widely used 8-bit microcontroller family.

What is STK200?

The STK200 board supports 8, 20, 28 and 40-pin AVR microcontrollers and STK300 is for 64-pin TQFP ATmega devices. Both have a range of peripherals, including LEDS, switches, LCD interfaces, UART and ADC. Other modules, such as keypads and 7-segnment displays can easily be added, so you can use the kit to develop a project or learn all about coding.

STK200 AVR Board for AVR development STK200 AVR Board for AVR development
STK200 AVR Board STK300 AVR Board

The STK200 is the better choice of AVR board for simple training and development as it supports all devices up to 40-pin. STK300 uses 64-pin AVRs that are only required if you have a project that needs more then about 32 I/O pins or two serial ports.

AVR Programmer or Emulator?

The kits can be supplied with either an AVR ISP programmer or an AVR Dragon emulator depending on your budget.

    USB In system programmer with its own software (but linked to AVRStudio when required) for programming all AVR microcontrollers. Debugging is on AVRStudio Simulator.

              AVR ISP with STK200 AVR board Picture

    It is a bare board, but Kanda version includes all the leads and adapters required. Runs from AVRStudio and has ISP, JTAG and DebugWire (for emulation of smaller devices). Good choice for first time users

              STK200 DRAGON AVR board Picture

These tools are available on their own if you already have an AVR board.

Summary of AVR Development Kits

With all Kanda AVR starter kits you get these features

  • Atmel AVR Studio IDE with Assembler, editor and simulator (copyright (c) Atmel Corp)
  • Integrated Full unlimited Win AVR (AVR-GCC) C Compiler
  • AVR Application Builder
  • AVR Development board with LEDS, memory sockets, UART, LCD interface, ADC and Switches
  • Code examples (C and Assembler), schematics and datasheets
  • Get Going with AVR and Embedded C books on CD
  • AVR Microcontroller
  • Choice of AVRISP or AVR DRAGON

Who Uses them?

Kanda have been making STK200 and STK300 kits since 1996. They were the first starter kit for AVR, built in partnership with Atmel, and are still very popular. Over 50,000 of these boards have been sold, and the package is being uppdated and getting better all the time.

They are ideal for both training and development, so who uses them?

  • Universities and colleges around the world for introducing embedded programming and microcontrollers
  • Hobbyiests for creating projects
  • Professional AVR development in many companies
  • Students who want to go that extra mile to improve their grades

STK200 and Other Solutions

Atmel now sell their STK500 and STK600 microcontroller boards but both are complicated and hard to use. They support everything from 8-pin ATtiny devices to 100-pin ATmega and XMega devices, but this means that they are very hard to set up and you usually need to buy extra modules. They also don't include any training material. We keep it simple and our kits don't need any complicated setup and can be powered from emulator or programmer, so you don't need a power supply

The other option is Arduino. This is really a prototyping system and it is ideal for quick results, especially if your project or something very similar has already been done. But it won't teach you any of the basics of programming or how to write your own programs in assembly language or embedded C as it uses a simplified program called Wiring. Arduino even hides the fact that it uses an ATmega328 AVR device and you won't learn anything about development tools like AVRStudio or how to use a professional programmer or emulator.

STK500 or STK600 are good for advanced development on large processors like ARM, AVR-32 or Xmega but are over-complicated for learning about simple 8-bit microcontroller programming and Arduino hides everything from you. If you actually want to understand how to code microcontrollers, then STK200 or STK300 are your best bet.

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