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How do Type-C USB connectors differ from the others?

It is our job to ensure that customers have the right programming tools for their needs. We supply an impressive variety of merchandise. This includes Quick USB modules among other things. What makes our range of products stand out is that it includes leading brands and many of our own lines. Most of the items we offer provide longevity and the ability to perform their tasks brilliantly.

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A quick look at the CAN bus

At Kanda we stock a huge selection of useful electronic components, adaptors, and tools. This range includes everything from programmers to CANUSB solutions. Whatever you need, you can buy from us online and arrange fast delivery. We have products from top brands and also develop a range of our own brand items. You can expect great quality whatever you choose.

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Some applications for long range Bluetooth

One of the biggest recent developments with Bluetooth technology is the Low Energy option. The original idea with it was to reduce power consumption and cost. However, at the same time it also made it possible to massively improve the ranges. As a result people can now access long range Bluetooth solutions that can reach over 1km.

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Microchip Snap – Troubleshooting tips

If you want the ability to debug and program many different devices, you need the right debugger. There are plenty of options here. One of the most popular is the PICKit 4. However, the Microchip Snap (MPLAB) may be a better option. It is a low cost option that has a lot of the functionality. It does come without a box or cables but this should not be an issue for regular users.

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Why are universal programmers essential?

Whatever kind of embedded system or integrated circuit you are creating, you will need the ability to program the memory device or programmable logic device. Without doing this, the system or circuit will not work. The best piece of equipment to have here is one of the market leading universal programmers. Brands like Wellon and Xeltek offer some of the most reliable products.

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What range does Bluetooth 5.0 offer?

Wireless technology is one of the most interesting growth markets. In the last few years there has been a big boom in the quality and demand for these products. Now you can find everything from high quality headphones to speakers, gaming controllers and wireless chargers. As the market grows, demands increase on things like the ranges and networking. Luckily, there are plenty of options. This includes high quality long range Bluetooth solutions.

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