We have a long history of assisting clients with finding the perfect programming products. At times, we even find ourselves comparing them to help people to choose the correct one. A good example would be CANUSB vs CAN232. We can give you all the information you require here, so read on to learn more.

The devices

Let’s begin by talking about what each device is. CANUSB is an incredibly small and cost efficient dongle. It plugs into a PC USB port and then supplies instant CAN connectivity. What this means is that you can treat it by software as a standard COM port. This is a serial RS232 port.

What this does is eradicate the need to use extra drivers. You also don’t have to install a direct driver DLL for higher CAN bus loads and quicker communications. Receiving and sending can also be performed in normal ASCII format. Alternatively, you can use the windows threaded CANUSB DLL.

As for CAN232, it is a compact blue dongle which plugs into PC ROM ports. It can also go into any other RS232 port within an embedded system. The user is provided with instant CAN connectivity. What this means is that you can treat it by software as a standard CO port, like with the CANUSB device. Just like with that model, you won’t need extra drivers here. Contact us if you need help with a CANUSB vs CAN232 enquiry.

USB ports have replaced serial ports

If you are curious as to which one you should use, the CANUSB would probably be more beneficial. The reason why is because USB ports have come to replace serial ports.

The first IBM PC came with RS-232 serial ports. This helped to proliferate a data transfer format, which lasted for decades. Numerous industrial devices, everything from laboratory instruments to flow meters, traditionally had RS-232. It was the normal output/input port. However, back in 2004, the majority of PCs were no longer shipping with the interface. It wasn’t part of the normal base configuration anymore.

One of the main reasons for USB taking over is compatibility. Common PC desktop peripherals such as scanners and printers are now USB. As a result it is important to have these ports to ensure PCs are compatible with as many devices as possible.

There is also the speed factor. USB permits data to move on the average of 10x the speed of a standard parallel port. It is quicker than a serial port too.

Not to mention, there is the durability. If you compare to serial ports, USB ones are more robust. The tiny pins in a serial port are incredibly easy to break or bend. As for USB ports, they are rugged and able to withstand heavy use.

CANUSB vs CAN232 – Order whichever you choose

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