The modes and breakpoints of Atmel ICE

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A powerful programming and debugging tool

The Atmel-ICE development tool is a powerful piece of equipment for programming and debugging. You can work on Atmel AVR and ARM Cortex-M based Atmel SAM microcontrollers using the On-Chip Debug capability. This unit demands that your computer has a front end debugging environment such as Atmel Studio version 6.2 or later. It also needs to link to a host computer via USB cable or a Micro-USB cable.

One of the jobs that this device is great for is on-chip debugging. An on-chip debug module is something that enables developers to control and monitor execution on a device. This is from an exterior development platform.

By using an OCD system, you can execute the application. You can do so while preserving precise timing and electrical characteristics in the target system. At the same time, you are able to stop the execution manually or conditionally. You can also examine program memory and flow.

Run mode

This is one of the many modes the device has. Whilst in run mode, the code execution is independent of the Atmel ICE. The gadget shall monitor the target device continuously to check whether a break condition happens. When it occurs, the OCD system is going to interrogate the contraption via its debug interface. This lets the user view the device’s internal state.

Stopped mode

When you reach a breakpoint the program execution halts. However, certain I/O might carry on running as if there never was a break. For instance, assume that there has been a USART transmit that has just been initiated during a breakpoint. In this instance, the USART shall carry on running at full speed. It will complete the transmission even when the core is in stop mode.

Software breakpoints

This kind of breakpoint is a BREAK instruction in program memory on your target device. Once it loads, program execution is going to break. Then, the OCD enters stopped mode. To carry on with execution, you must give a “start” command from the OCD.

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