The important details when choosing microcontrollers for vehicles

We have always done all we can to provide stellar programming utensils to our customers. There is a wide selection of products on offer here. This includes our keyfob programmers, as well as various other devices and components. With these items, you will have the means to program all sorts of microcontrollers in the field.

Today you can find a microcontroller in most devices. There are actually a full collection of them in modern vehicles. However, you cannot simply pick one and expect it to work. There are all kinds of details you must consider whist picking a device, especially for an autonomous motor. We will look at some of them below.


There are certain processors that operate on 3.3V, while others run on 5V. Make sure you look at the documentation prior to buying. Also, see to it that your supply possesses a big enough amp rating so your microcontroller does not fail.


This is another consideration. Think about whether your system can work using batteries. You can run massive, automotive sized motors from inverters within the vehicle, or large batteries. As for the power supply of smaller motors, these need scaling down so they can move. Standard AC power has to be plugged into the wall. It would be restricted by the wire’s length.


In addition to power, price is a factor too. You might be building a prototype vehicle. If so, price should not be too big of an issue. When you are designing for production though, each penny counts. If you are in need of keyfob programmers, make sure you let us know.

Memory and storage

Bigger programs typically take up more space to run and store. Microcontrollers normally don’t have the necessary storage room and massive levels of memory a microprocessor has. Therefore, programs need to be more efficient and smaller. With availability, specific older chips are not widely available. They can also be expensive if you do find them. If you are designing something for production, this can be a massive consideration.


Many cost efficient microcontrollers are 8-bit models. However, price tags for 32-bit designs are lower than they once were. For a regular vehicle, such as a simple obstacle avoider, an 8-bit micro controller will do, like the Arduino Uno. You might have a lot of motors and sensors, or vision processing or servos. Here, a 32-bit microcontroller that has a Real Time Operating System would be appropriate.

We have many keyfob programmers to sell

At Kanda, we have plenty of programmers on sale. The designs we have include PIC, ST7, COP8, AT89S, and AVR models. In addition, we supply batteries for them so that you don’t run out of power. Every product we offer is high quality, whether it is one of our own designs or from a market leading brand.

So, if you would like to speak to us about our keyfob programmers or other products, you can contact us anytime. We will help you to find exactly what you need for your project.

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