Bluetooth technology is pushing us forward

Kanda is always striving to offer the very best items for engineers and other end users. We have a wide range of goods, such as Arduino Bluetooth tech and more. Due to the huge range and the fact we deliver quickly, many customers have become repeat clients. In addition, the quality means they will likely find they can still use their goods many years later.

Wireless vs wired

For a long time, the opinion has been that wireless networks are unable to compete with wired ones in terms of dependability. They may provide a myriad of benefits but can struggle to supply the reliability. Sadly that can be one of the most vital needs. The way we deploy systems like lighting control systems is changing however. This is thanks to recent Bluetooth advancements.

Bluetooth mesh networking is the dependable and scalable solution to lighting control. It is able to transform the promise of data driven smart building services into a reality. Deployed in various areas, the networked lighting control setup offers a great mix of efficient building operations with a better occupant experience and energy savings.

This change from wired to wireless for lighting control is being pushed by three benefits. These are extensibility, design flexibility, and lower cost.

Many factors reduce the cost here. For example, without the need to pull control wires, the wireless controls provide lower deployment prices. There are also smaller material and labour costs and fewer maintenance costs. Plus, there will be fewer disruptions. This is the case for building managers and owners, especially with retrofits. If you are in need of Arduino Bluetooth products, please give our team a call.

Wireless works where wired does not

These systems allow you to have equipment where accessibility or distance make it impractical to have wires. Plus, wires are fixed but layouts and spaces change. Lighting control systems have to adapt at the same time. It is easier to configure wireless systems. They also offer greater flexibility.

The perfect networked lighting control setup tends to be one that begins small and scales later. We mean this both in terms of size and functionality. After you deploy, wireless is more extensible. It is easier for you to add advanced controls as well. You can expand to meet any change in needs.

We want to help everyone with our range of Arduino bluetooth products

At Kanda, we aim to find a solution for every client that will suit their budget. Each product we supply also comes with a 12 month warranty. If you do have any problems, we will have no issue rectifying them for you.

So, please get in touch with us if you would like to purchase our Arduino bluetooth merchandise. Or, you can buy via our website if you need to order quickly.

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