Strategies for making Bluetooth range go further

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When you design a network of Bluetooth-enabled contraptions, there is often an issue with the range. This is also one that tends to not manifest until late into development.

The range of multiple Bluetooth items is based on perfect conditions within a testing setting. It needs to be free of the sort of interference and obstacles that pop up in real-world scenarios. For a myriad of engineers, such a practical eventuality starts a race to squeeze extra range out of these gadgets. However, many are unaware of the solutions they can use to do so. In this post, we will talk about some of the available solutions for long range Bluetooth.

Amplifying the signal

Firstly, you can amplify the signal. Without question, this is the most common way of adding more range to a wireless application. Numerous engineers could make steps to amplify the transmit power on gadgets. This is to guarantee their messages get received. It might be the most obvious solution, but there can be drawbacks. There are limits on the amount of power you can apply.

The link between battery life and power applied is a direct trade-off. Also, increasing the transmit power has huge ramifications for the battery life of your Bluetooth contraption. Should you increase the power, you must test the change within a real world setting. This is to figure out the battery life loss and whether your application can accept it. A minor increase might not be consequential. Boosting to full power though can have a huge impact. Estimating simply on modelling is difficult here. You need time to test within a real-life scenario to make sure your power boost shall be helpful.

Long range in Bluetooth 5

Another thing you can try is using long range in Bluetooth 5. This brought the LE Long Range/Coded PHY feature into the picture. It was done to supply more effective communications over a longer range without augmenting transmit power.

This solution works by bringing in Forward Error Correction. What it does is force gadgets to repeat packets two or eight times in every communication. The rebroadcast makes it far simpler for items at the edge of your connection to have the opportunity to catch the entire message.

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