Why you should look at volume production

Any business that sells physical products needs to get the manufacturing right. It could be you only sell one luxury product that you can take time to make. Or, you may need to pump out thousands of units on a daily basis. If it is the latter, you could benefit from efficient volume production. Kanda can help a number of businesses with this. We can offer high quality universal programmers so that it is quick and easy to program electronic products on a production line.

What is volume production?

You may already know the process as mass production. In a basic sense it is the goal to produce a large quantity of goods in a short period of time. To do this, many manufacturers have production lines and processes in place to create the units as quickly as possible.

Typically volume production works best with products that have very little variation. As a result machines and technicians on a production line can simply repeat tasks for each product. The end result will be batches of the same items.


There are many reasons to opt for this kind of mass production. Most notable is the fact it can produce a much higher volume of goods. Let’s say that a single worker or machine working alone could create a dozen units per day. If you move to a production line and have different machines and technicians to specialise in individual tasks, you could increase this number dramatically. As a result, you could create hundreds or thousands of units in the same period.

Being able to produce more units is beneficial in a number of ways. Firstly it means you could make more sales because you will have more stock to sell. In addition, you can keep the lead times low, ensuring you can get products to the customer quicker. This can build your reputation.

Volume production also means you can reduce the cost per unit. This happens because it reduces the overall time it takes to manufacture each product. It also cuts the labour cost per unit.

An important note for electronics

One thing to think about if you are aiming for volume production with different electronics is programming. You need to program many devices so they will work properly. This includes everything from simple remote controls to more complex devices.

There is a potential problem here in that you may need to slow down production so you can connect each device to a PC for programming. However, there are more efficient options that could save you a great deal of time. The best option is to choose universal programmers. They can plug directly into products and program them by clicking a single button. As a result there is no need to connect to a PC and there will be no big delays in production.

You have a lot of different options for programmers here. There are even models that can program several products at once to save even more time.

Ask us about Xeltek universal programmers

At Kanda we have a very broad range of programming devices. This includes high quality models from market leaders like Xeltek. These are some of the most reliable products in the world and are used on production lines in many industries.

So, if you want to find the perfect universal programmers, browse our website. You can learn more about each model and we even have handy links to help you compare devices. Plus, you can contact us if you need any recommendations.

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