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Standalone Keyfob and Handheld AVR Programmers

Kanda standalone AVR ISP programmers are ideal for updating AVR microcontroller firmware on the production line or in the field. They are the simplest units you can get. There are two versions, keyfob and handheld programmers, which both have different advantages.

Keyfob, Handheld and Portable AVR Programmer

Handheld Programmer
  • 512KB memory
  • Can power target
  • 4.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches (125 x 67 x 23 mm)
  • 9V VPP battery or power supply
  • Robust protection against faulty targets
  • Limit number of program operations
  • JTAG programming option
  • AVR ISP, TPI and UPDI programmer
  • Supports ATxmega devices, PDI and JTAG
  • 8-way version available

USB AVR Handheld programmer

Keyfob Programmer
Standalone Keyfob and Handheld
  • 256KB memory
  • Very small, car keyfob size
  • AVR ISP and UPDI programmer
  • Multi-packs available for more discount
  • Same USB PC loader as handheld
  • Powered by target
  • Handheld programmer is better for production

USB AVR keyfob programmer
Portable Programmer
  • 32 x 256KB memory
  • Standalone with LCD and Keypad
  • Simple keyboard layout
  • Includes USB loader, software and battery charger
  • Simple software to load programmer
  • Can hold up to 31 AVR target settings
  • AVR ISP, JTAG, TPI and UPDI programmer
  • Supports ATxmega PDI and JTAG

USB AVR portable programmer

AVR Handheld Programmer Details

Our handheld programmer is robust and uses a single button operation. The unit is available as a starter kit, which comes with USB loader and software or on its own if you already have a starter kit to load them. This reduces the cost of extra units.

This programmer is perfect for unskilled operatives in production. Our customers also use them for maintenence engineers, sending to distributors and general firmware updates.


  • AVR Handheld Programmer fitted with a 9V battery or you can use a power supply
  • Switches off when not connected to target - automatically turns on when connected
  • 512KB memory for target AVR code and EEPROM data
  • One button press programs target
  • Load your AVR target code using simple software and USB dongle
  • Reload new programs as often as you need
  • Once unit is loaded, it holds program code indefinitely
  • Supports all AVR Fuses and Lock bit programming
  • Program and Verify Flash, EEPROM, User Row or all
  • Target voltage from 1.8V - 5.5V, depending on target AVR voltage range
  • Can power target AVR microcontroller (up to 150mA) or target circuit can be powered
  • All settings (fuses, filenames etc) can be saved to a file for easy distribution of setup
  • JTAG programming instead of ISP, using optional adapter
  • Can limit number of programming operations allowed
  • Simple error notification with red/green LED
  • Dimensions: Imperial - 4.7 x 2.4 x 0.9 inches, weight: 4.5 oz
  • Dimensions: Metric- 125 x 67 x 23 mm, weight: 126g
  • Supports ISP, JTAG, TDI and UPDI programming
  • Supports ATxmega devices, PDI and JTAG
  • 8-way version available

USB AVR Handheld programmer

AVR Keyfob Programmer Details

Standalone Keyfob and Handheld

The keyfob is smaller and cheaper than the AVR handheld programmer but has less memory (256 KB) and less protection against faulty targets, so we recommend handheld for production use if faulty boards are likely.

This unit is ideal for sending to customers or giving to service engineers. It makes firmware updates really simple. Multi-packs available for more discount.


  • Tiny portable AVR programmer, battery or target powered
  • Automatic switch on when connected to powered target
  • 64KB program memory (for Flash and EEPROM)
  • One button operation to program whole target (code, data, fuses, lockbits)
  • Dimensions: Metric- 45mm x 35mm x 15mm - 28g
  • Dimensions: Imperial - 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.5 inches - 1 oz
  • Simple to load, easy to use
  • Reprogram the keyfob as many times as you require
  • Holds target code indefinitely
  • Loaded from PC using USB dongle and simple software
  • Voltage Support: down to 3.3V.
  • AVR ISP and AVR UPDI Programmer

It is available as

USB AVR keyfob programmer

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