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Kanda Product A-Z List

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Economy PIC Training Kit

Product List
Microcontroller Programming Kit
Low cost kit for learning PIC microcontroller programming, including book, tutorials, development software, C compiler, hardware board and a Microchip SNAP programmer and debugger.
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EEPROM Programming Board

Product List
Serial EEPROM Programming Board
Simple programming board for in-socket programming of serial EEPROMs with Kanda ISP programmer. Supports 93, 24 and 25 series serial EEPROMs from all manufacturers in 8-pin DIL packages.
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Product List
Serial EEPROM Programming Board
Programming board for 24, 25 and 93 series serial EEPROMs, in 8-pin DIP or SOIC packages. Powered by supplied mini-USB lead. Used with EEISP-U...
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Encrypted SDHC Card

Product List
32GB Encrypted SDHC Card
PEmicro’s Cyclone LC* and Cyclone FX programmers feature an SDHC memory card port. This allows users to add expandable and easily swappable storage for their programming images. Adding one or more SD cards
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Extended Battery Pack for SD1000-Zigbee

Product List
Extended Battery Pack for SD1000 Bluetooth and Zigbee Units
Extended battery pack to allow PARANI-SD1000 Bluetooth to Serial Adapter to operate for up to 16 hours without recharging. Also fits USB and serial to ZigBee modules.
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