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Kanda Product A-Z List

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Handheld AVR Programmer - LPT Port

Product List
256K Hand Held AVR Programmer for AVR
Easy to use, single button operation but uses parallel port loader. A USB version is available.
HandHeld AVR Programmer, for Field and Production use..
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Handheld AVR Programmer USB Starter Kit

Product List
USB Starter kit for 256K Hand Held AVR Programmer
Handheld AVR Programmer with 256KB of memory plus USB PC interface and software. Load the programmer from a PC and it is completely portable, with one button operation...
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Handheld PIC Programmer LPT Starter Kit

Product List
LPT Starter kit for Handheld PIC Programmer
PIC Handheld Programmer with Parallel Port PC interface
For USB Port, see USB PIC Handheld Programmer Starter Kit
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