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Network lead

Product List
Network Lead
1m Network cable, cross wired, CAT5. For standard PC network connection.
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New Handheld AVR Programmer Parallel Port Starter Kit

Product List
Parallel Port Starter kit for 256K Handheld AVR Programmer
Parallel Port version
USB version of this easy to use portable AVR programmer is available in this category...
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New STK200-X AVR Dragon

Product List
New STK200-X AVR Board with AVR DRAGON
Complete training and development kit for AVR microcontrollers. Includes AVR Dragon programmer and ICE, STK200-X board, tutorials, books, sample code and more...
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New USB STK200 AVR Kit

Product List
STK200-X AVR Starter Kit
Everything you need to learn how to program AVR microcontrollers in assembly language and C. New STK200-X board with USB serial port built-in, USB programmer, tutorials....
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