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Kanda Product A-Z List

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Renesas Adapter

Product List
Renesas Adapter for Cyclone FX Universal Programmer
The Renesas Adapter for Cyclone FX Universal allows the user to program supported Renesas devices using the Cyclone Universal FX programmer.
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RGB Colour Detector

Product List
RGB Colour Sensor
Detector for RGB colour of objects. Can be used with Arduino boards or any other microcontroller board using supplied cables...
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Product List
In-Circuit Debugger for the RS08
PEmicro's ICDRS08 is a powerful tool for debugging code. It uses the processor's background debug mode Module(BDM), via any of PEmicro's RS08 compatible interfaces...
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RS08 ISP Software

Product List
RS08 Full Featured ISP Software
PEmicro's PROGRS08 Programming Software allows you to program/reprogram flash devices in-circuit, via a six pin debug connector on the target processor system...
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