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Kanda - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer to the frequently asked question.

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How do I use UART or serial port code on my STK200 board?

The best way to see the UART code examples working is to use Hyper Terminal on PC, if your PC has a serial port. If not use a USB to serial converter. Hyper Terminal is included in most Windows OS, except Windows 7. It can be downloaded as an evaluation copy for Windows 7.
  1. Connect a serial cable to PC serial port
  2. Run Hyper Terminal (START > Programs > Accessories > Communications ) or Start > Run hypertrm (not a misspelling)
  3. Create New Connection, give it a name
  4. In Connect to Dialog box select Connect Using... COM1 (or whichever COM port you have connected to - it lists available serial ports). Ignore phone stuff
  5. When you click Ok, you get COM1 Properties dialog - set them to 19200, 8 data bits, no parity, 1 stop bit and flow control None
  6. Go to File menu > Properties, Settings Tab, Ascii setup button. Check Echo typed character locally so you can see what you are typing. Check it is connected on Call menu and type a character, which should then appear again from STK200, if code is running. Try pressing switch 7 on STK200 board and you should see "Hello World" in Hyper Terminal screen

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