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Kanda - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer to the frequently asked question.

Popular Products

Handheld Programmers
handheld programmers

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered Handheld Programmers for AVR, PIC and Serial EEPROM

Low cost USB CAN Adapter picture

Lawicel CANUSB adapter for simple CANBUS connection to PC


What are Bluetooth Profiles?

Bluetooth Profiles
Bluetooth specification uses Profiles to allow different types of device to talk to each other, even if they are from different manufacturers. A lot of Bluetooth devices only use a limited set of profiles for the task they need to do. Two devices can only communicate with each other via Bluetooth if they both support the same profile.

  • DUN, Dial-up Networking Profile, connecting to Internet and other dial-up services
  • FAX, Fax Profile, PC fax software connection
  • LAP, Lan Access Profile, for adhoc Bluetooth networks and connection to WAN, LAN and Internet
  • SPP, Serial Port Profile, for UART type connections
  • HID, Human Interface Device Profile, for mice, keyboards, joysticks etc
  • HCRP, Hard Copy Cable Replacement Profiles, alternative to printer cable but drivers still needed
  • FTP, File Transfer Protocol, for file and folder transfer
  • OPP, Object Push Profile, for sender to initiate Object transfer - pictures, data tables
  • A2DP, Advanced Audio Distribution, high quality audio streaming, especially stereo
  • AVRCP, Audio/Video Remote Control Profile, standard interface for TVs etc, plus playback control
  • GAVDP, Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile, For A2DP and VDP
  • HSP, Headset Profile, for mobile phone and other headsets
  • HFP, Hands Free Profile, for mobile phone hands-free kits
  • PAN, Personal Area Network, update to LAP profile
  • BIP, Basic Image Profile, for sending images

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