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Kanda - Frequently Asked Questions

Here is the answer to the frequently asked question.

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Handheld Programmers
handheld programmers

Simple to load and use, standalone battery powered Handheld Programmers for AVR, PIC and Serial EEPROM

Low cost USB CAN Adapter picture

Lawicel CANUSB adapter for simple CANBUS connection to PC


My AVR is running very slowly, and UART transmission gives strange characters. Why?

AVR devices come with Internal RC set as clock source by default. The speed varies from 0.5-4MHz depending on which AVR device it is. To get the AVR to run from a crystal on the board, you need to change Clock Source fuses (CLKSEL) to External crystal. You may also need to switch off Clock divide by 8 fuse (CLKDIV8).

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