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Kanda - Product Support Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer

Here is the support available for this product.

Product Support: Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer

Image of Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer

Product: Wellon VP-299 Universal Programmer

VP-299 and 22V10 Devices
The VP-299 struggles with some 22V10 PLDs, especially Lattice but sometimes some Atmel devices as well. 16V8 will occasionally give the same problem and some Atmel 89S microcontrollers. The software will give an Over-current error. This is due to the high programming current required by these chips.

To increase the programming current, two SMD resistors need to be changed. This will not damage the programmer as the standard resistors fitted are very conservative.

Resistor Change
To open the case, remove the feet as screws are under them.

Resistor R17 (220R) needs to be changed to 270R
Resistor R28 (39R) needs to be changed to 51R

Resistors need to be 0805 size, typically 1% tolerance and 1/8W power.


For example, RES SMD 270 OHM 1% 1/8W 0805, Digikey part number 541-270CCT-ND

Or Farnell part number 2141320, SMD Chip Resistor, 270 ohm, CRCW Series, 150 V, Thick Film, 0805 [2012 Metric], 125 mW


For example, RES SMD 51 OHM 1% 1/8W 0805, Digikey part number 311-51.0CRCT-ND

Or Farnell part number 1469944, SMD Chip Resistor, 51 ohm, CRCW Series, 150 V, Thick Film, 0805 [2012 Metric], 125 mW

VP-598 and VP-798 have better current on programming voltage and will not have this problem

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