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Smart Phone App for AVR Handheld Programmers

The easy way to get new programmer data to remote customers using the free Kanda smart phone App. Connect programmer to phone with OTG cable, Kanda USB dongle and update it with new code and settings.

AVR Handheld

AVR Handheld Programmer
pic handheld programmer

Standalone battery powered AVR Handheld Programmer, with support for AVR and ATxmega devices

Supports all programming interfaces:

  • Standard ISP
  • JTAG
  • TDI
  • PDI
  • UPDI

Includes Kanda USB dongle for loading programmer from PC or Smart Phone

Kanda Handheld Programmers are easy to use, with a single button press to program your target. Now with free Kanda Mobile Phone App, it is simple for remote users to reload the programmer from their phone

Just follow these steps to create programmer files that can be sent to remote users to reload their handheld programmer.

  1. Load your programmer with the correct AVR device, programming interface (ISP,JTAG, PDI, TPI, UPDI), flash and EEPROM code and fuses
  2. Use Copy Unit button to create a Programmer File (*.PRG) - this can be encrypted for security
  3. Upload file to cloud or email it to your user's phone
  4. User connects their programmer to phone using OTG Cable and Kanda USB dongle
  5. User selects correct programmer file and reflashes their handheld

Visit Google App Store on your mobile device to download the App

Features and Benefits

  • Programmer files can be encrypted for security
  • User does not need to know anything about AVR microcontrollers, fuse settings or any other details
  • Kanda Phone App is simple to use, with just Select and Load File buttons
  • Android phones only and it must have USB port
  • Uses standard Kanda USB dongle - Dongle2

Will My Phone Work with Kanda Loader App?

Not all phones will support USB and minimum requirements are
  • Andoid 7.0 and up
  • Phone supports USB host mode
  • You need an OTG (USB On the Go) cable
To check if your phone supports USB host, check on the box, in manual or on manufacturers website. Look for this logo
usb host logo
Alternatively you can download a test App from Google Play - search for USB Host Check

OTG Cable
If you don't have an OTG cable, they are cheap on Ebay or elsewhere, just get the correct USB connection for your phones charging socket, usually MicroUSB.
usb host logo

Kanda Loader In Pictures

1. Use Kanda softwate to Load programmer and use Copy Unit button to create Programmer File

copy programmer picture

2. Encrypt PRG if required

encryption picture

3. Email Programmer file (*.PRG)to user

email picture

4. Connect programmer to phone USB using OTG cable

usb picture

5. Run Kanda App, select correct file and load programmer

Kanda App picture

Example Application

You produce 4 different versions of your product that require different firmware to set their features. Just create 4 Kanda Programmer files, one for each version. Email them to your engineer, distributer or warehouse. They use their Smart Phone to connect to handheld programmer, select the correct file and reload the programmer for that version. They connect programmer, press the button and new product features are set.

Need to change firmware quickly? Just create new programmer file, email it to phone and reload programmer, its as simple as that.

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