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Selected Manufacturer: BitwiseSystems

Below are the products which we stock from BitwiseSystems.

Cypress USB Peripheral Controller - 10 pack

Cypress CY7C68013A USB Peripheral Controller - 10 pack
The CY7C68013A is a highly integrated, low power USB 2.0 microcontroller. By integrating the USB 2.0 transceiver, serial interface engine (SIE), enhanced 8051 microcontroller...
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Price: $99.00

Quick USB Module

Quick USB Module
The quickest way to add high speed USB 2.0 to your product is with QuickUSB embedded USB module. Since all the USB functionality is in the QuickUSB module, you don't need to learn USB...
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Price: $99.00

Quick USB Electronic Chip Pack Licence

10 Pack QuickUSB iChipPack Electronic Licenses
Get the QuickUSB over the Internet!
It's a QuickUSB Chip Pack without the shipping or waiting!
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Price: $295.00

Quick USB Module Introductory Bundle

Quick USB Introductory Bundle for Hi-speed USB
New Intro Price
If you are looking to get started with QuickUSB, the QuickUSB Introductory Bundle contains everything you need to prototype and add high speed USB
Order Code
Price: $169.00

Quick USB Starter Kit

QuickUSB with an Altera Cyclone II FPGA
If you want the QuickUSB advantage integrated with an amazing FPGA, then the QuickUSB Starter Kit is what you need.
The QuickUSB Starter Kit includes...
Order Code
Price: $495.00

Quick USB Module Adapter Board

Quick USB Adapter Board
A break-out board for the QuickUSB® Plug-In module. Converts the high-density 80-pin conector to two (2) 40-pin 0.1" headers AND two (2) DB-9S RS-232 connectors...
Order Code
Price: $79.00

Quick USB 10 Chip Pack

Quick USB Chip Pack
Get the QuickUSB advantage in a chip!
What if I would like to use QuickUSB in ...
Order Code
Price: $295.00

Quick USB Customizer

QuickUSB Customizer
With the QuickUSB Customizer(TM), you can tailor the QuickUSB Module or Chip Pack to give your product that custom developed look and feel.
They'll never know it's QuickUSB...
Order Code
Price: $995.00

Quick USB Module Connector Kit

Quick USB Connector Kit
This kit includes all the hardware you need to plug your QuickUSB® Plug-In module into your board.
Order Code
Price: $6.95

Quick USB Altera Santa Cruz Adapter

QuickUSB Santa Cruz Adapter

This nifty little adapter converts the Altera Santa Cruz headers (also called expansion or prototype headers) found on nearly every Altera Development Kit into a QuickUSB module socket.

Order Code
Price: $129.00

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