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PSU Wall Transformers

Power supplies or PSU for starter kits and other uses - 9V, 13.5V and 15V PSU

9V International Wall Transformer

Product Picture
International 9V regulated PSU
A superior power supply (wall transformer or wall adapter) suitable for use with mains supplies from 90 - 264 VAC, 47-63Hz. Supplied with four different input plug ...
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Price: $19.00

15V Power Supply - UNI

Product Picture
15V Regulated PSU
A robust Power supply Unit (wall transformer or wall adapter) for use with Kanda portable programmer or for general purpose. This is a quality power supply that conforms to all FCC ...
Order Code
Price: $19.20

9V Mains Adapter - EU

Product Picture
9V EU Mains Adapter
9V Wall plug type mains adapter with EU plug. Also called a wall transformer or plugin PSU. The input is 230VAC...
Order Code
Price: $3.95

Parani Serial to Bluetooth Power Supply

Product Picture
Parani Serial to Bluetooth 5V Power Supply
5V PSU Wall Transformer
A switch mode power supply (110V/230V) for use with Parani10 and other products...
Order Code
Price: $18.00

9V UK Power Supply Unit

Product Picture
9V UK Power Supply Unit
9V UK Power supply with 2.1mm barrel connector. Input voltage is 230V/50Hz.
Output is 9VDC at 300mA, unregulated. The barrel connector is centre positive.

Order Code
Price: $14.00

13V Power Supply US

Product Picture
13.5V Unregulated PSU Wall Adapter - US version
A robust 13.5V Wall adapter or wall transformer for general purpose, but not Kanda Starter Kits.
Order Code
Price: $12.00

13V Power Supply EU

Product Picture
13.5V Unregulated PSU Wall adapter- EU version
A robust 13.5V Power supply (wall adapter or wall transformer) for general purpose but not starter kits...
Order Code
Price: $12.00

13V Wall Transformer UK

Product Picture
13.5V Unregulated PSU or wall adapter - UK version
A robust 13.5V Power supply (PSU, wall adapter, wall transformer)for general purpose but not with starter kits...
Order Code
Price: $12.00


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