The most popular integrated circuits

If you have never heard of us before, our company specialises in providing programming utensils. People can choose from a wide range of Wellon and Xeltek universal programmers. As well as being long lasting, these gadgets are reliable. This is ideal for engineers and other users.

Programming is vital

With computer hardware, one thing that is very important is programming. We use the term universal programmer in place of chip or device programmer. This useful piece of equipment can configure integrated circuits. These are ones that are non-volatile as well as being programmable. There are many types of integrated circuits in the world. Below we will look at some of them so you have more info about them.


Firstly we have EPROM. In full this is erasable programmable read only memory. It is a variety of chip with the capacity to hold onto the data. This is even if your power supply is off. EPROM is a group of transistors that are floating gate in nature. They are also programmed using high voltages. When you finish programming, you are free to erase EPROM by revealing its sturdy ultraviolet light source.


Up next, there is MultiMediaCard. This is more of a memory card standard for storage, something that is solid state in nature. The circuit has a size that is the same as a postage stamp. MultiMediaCard comes with a serial interface of 1-bit. As for the card’s newer variants, they enable the use of 4 and 8 bits of serial interfaces. You are free to use the card in many devices you can employ for the security of Digital Cards.


Finally we have MRAM. It is also referred to as magneto resistive random-access memory. This comes with a somewhat volatile random access memory. The technology behind it has been in development since 1990. Everspin has been mainly behind producing the MRAM. However, many other establishments like Samsung have had production responsibilities too.

The history behind the programmer

Now that we have had a look at the circuits, let’s have a little look at the history of universal programmers. During the introduction of computing to the market, a programmer was the only gadget you could use to configure computer programs. No concept of terminal and graphical contraptions existed. At that time, a programmer was a series of switches and LEDs. It worked in such a manner that you input instructions step by step. This was once you set the switches in a series of on and off. The switches’ locations were the same as the ones for the computer.

The types of programmers

To end things, we will talk about the various kinds of universal programmers. There are 4 types on the market in total. Firstly, there are gang programmers. You use these for multi programming and mass production. The second is development programmers. They are appropriate for a single programming website. The third one is pocket programmers, which are for development and field services. Finally, there are specialised programmers. These are conductive for separate circuit types like EPROM.

Come to us to order universal programmers

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