Using virtual COM ports to overcome USB conflicts

Our company has a reputation for providing Sena Bluetooth Zigbee device servers. These contraptions allow users to acquire a network interface for remote access to equipment existing in a COM port. The models range from those with a single port to large ones with 16 of them. In addition, they come with a host of features that make them a popular choice for programmers.

Conflict problems between gadgets

You might be running several USB devices that function as virtual RS232 COM ports on Windows. This is the ubiquitous serial port standard. If so, you could have issues with conflicts between gadgets. An application may link to the suitable device when it is the sole one connected, only for it to become confused. This can happen if there is another device that shares the PC. There are steps you can take to solve the complication fortunately.

Make connections and run clients in order

What you can do is connect every mechanism and run all the clients in order. Multiple applications demand that you specify the port for the chosen gadget. Others, such as Actuel for the 9103, poll the COM ports. They do so in numerical order. They also examine and link to the first one available. If these contraptions inspect the product ID and vendor initially, they shall skip ports that don’t match. However, they are unable to distinguish between two machines employing the same USB chip. Establishing a device connection/application order can resolve this.

With a 9103/Arduino conflict, get rid of every other appliance. Then, plug the 9103 in and turn it on. Next, start the Actuel software. This shall locate and take control of the 9103 port. When it has been assigned, you will be able to plug the next gadget in safely and run the client.

Perform some testing

A separate order may make more sense for your unique application. Do some testing with your configuration. If there are over two mechanisms present, attempt to get the first two working first. Record the procedure and make certain you follow it when you power up/reboot. Ask us for some Bluetooth Zigbee device servers if you require them.

A second solution

Another solution to your problem could be to change the COM port number for a set USB port. It is possible to force Windows to use a distinct COM port number instead of the automatically assigned one. This can aid you with applications that choose the lowest numbered port.

For instance, the 9103 could be joined to COM4 and a separate FTDI contraption might be on COM3. If this is the case, the 9103 client software could wrongly choose the utensil on COM3. By setting the 9103 to COM2, you might be able to connect your appliances and run your client applications in whatever way you choose. This all depends on how the other applications/devices behave. You may need to experiment a little here.

Work with us

At Kanda, we have the means to provide every client with effective and reliable solutions. The Bluetooth Zigbee device servers we stock are popular with customers all over the world. The online shopping service we use to distribute these goods is also reliable and cost effective.

If you would like to purchase some of our merchandise, please let us know. Alternatively, you can buy directly via the website.

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