New PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer and PICKit 4

Kanda is a leading establishment known for manufacturing and supplying various high quality programming items for great prices. This includes programmers, PC interfaces, chips, and more. For instance, we can supply you with a PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer. We have items for a wide array of projects, so rely on us.

Customers love us for many reasons, including our worldwide shipping and simple policy for returns. On top of this, we have a huge range and offer 1 year guarantees on items. Our experts are on hand to help ensure you get the right products and the technical help that you need. This is along with pre- and post-sale support with any order.

What is a PIC microcontroller?

PIC, or Programmable Interface Controllers, microcontrollers are electronic circuits. You can program these to do many different tasks. For example you can control timers and switches or have it so that they control a production line. You can also find them in many kinds of electronic devices. This includes phones and alarms as well as computer control systems.

PIC microcontrollers do not cost a great deal to work with. You will need a computer with a USB or serial port in order to run software that will enable you to program a circuit.

PIC and the PICKit 4 Programmer

At Kanda we offer a huge range of products. This includes the brand newest PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer and the PICKit4 Programmer and Emulator. The first is an extremely cheap option that comes without a box or cables. It is great for any budget but offers incredible performance. Projects can begin very quickly with this product and it works with a huge range of microcontrollers.

The PICKit 4 offers high speed programming and will support the majority of PIC microcontrollers. It is compatible with software MPLAB X V4.2 and on, or separate software. It is also a great debugger for assembler or C projects. This is a powerful device but it is more costly than the new PIC model.

Order the new PIC microcontroller debugger/programmer

At Kanda we offer products for all kinds of needs. This is why we should be the name to keep in mind for all of your projects. From programmers and development kits to chips and boards, you can count on us. Clients can even turn to us for technical support. We are able to provide affordable products with fast delivery.

Make sure you browse our website to view all we have to offer. You can order online when you find what you need. In addition, you can get in touch with us if you have any queries. We will advise you, comparing products to show you why the one we suggest is right for you.

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