Save on training costs with handheld programmers

The development in technology in the last few decades has been incredible. We are now in a period where the growth is exponential and it continues at a great pace. Electronics is one of the biggest growing areas. One of the most interesting parts of it is the use of microcontrollers. These incredible tiny computers are now in all kinds of goods. At Kanda we support people in using them by offering high quality handheld programmers and more.


One of the most challenging stages with a product that has microcontrollers is moving to production. The problem is that each microcontroller will require programming. That means there needs to be someone on the production line to do this.

The reason it can cause such issues is this person will generally need a lot of training to be able to do the programming. For example they will usually need to be able to use complex software. In addition, you will need someone to oversee the programmers. You can also expect more mistakes, especially if people don’t have the best training.

Using handheld programmers

The solution here is to pre-upload the relevant code to portable programmers. While this may take more work on behalf of the company upfront, it will provide far more savings elsewhere.

With a programmer, all the task takes is pressing a single button. Therefore there is no need for everyone to have the extensive training to use the programming software. You just need one person to have this so they can prepare the code and set up the programmers. Then actually uploading it to each product is very simple – just plug in the programmer and press the relevant button. You also don’t need to invest as much in overseeing and resolving issues.

The fact that some handheld programmers can hold multiple programs also saves on training and reduces mistakes. You won’t need to invest time training the uploaders to ensure they can select the right program on the software. Instead, you simply tell them what each setting on the programmer corresponds to. Kanda’s handheld model has a simple rotary switch with a series of numbers. Each number corresponds to a different program stored on it.

Placing an order

If you want reliable programmers that will save a lot of time on the production line, come to Kanda. We have several handheld models to choose from, including AVR, PIC, XMEGA, and SAMD. We produce them ourselves, ensuring they are high quality but available at a great price. Our product collection also includes a range of useful adapters and connectors.

We are confident you will love the savings you can make by using our handheld programmers. If you have any questions about using them, you can contact us. We will be happy to give you more information so you can select the right products.

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