Which Xeltek universal programmer is right for you?

At Kanda we appreciate that our customers want access to the very best programming equipment, whether it is a universal programmer or chip set. We strive to provide it, offering products from the best brands as well as our own ranges. As a result we are confident we can cater for any needs. In addition, we ensure great value for money and have lots of other great resources.

The main thing that makes universal programmers so popular is they can work with so many different items. One single programmer can do the work of multiple devices, making it the best option for efficiency, space, and budget. If you want one product that can handle a huge array of programming applications, this is what you need.

You can find an array of different manufacturers of universal programmers, but Xeltek are the most reputable. However, their range is very broad so you need to think carefully before you decide what model to buy.

Supported devices

One of the first things you should look at is the number of devices a universal programmer can support. The best Xeltek SuperPro models work with over 100,000 devices. This includes the 6100N an ISO1 models. However there are models that don’t have this kind of range. For example 610P supports a modest 33,000+ devices.

Programming volume

Another important thing to look at is the programming volume. If you need to achieve very high volumes you’ll want a programmer that can do it effectively. The SuperPro 7500 is one of the best here. However, if you only do low volume programming, the 610P would suit you.

Programming speed

One thing you can rely on when you choose a Xeltek programmer, regardless of the model, is fast programming speed. This is great for all kinds of users.

Pin drivers

Yet another benefit of most Xeltek universal programmers is the built in 144-pin drivers. You can find these on a number of models, including the 7500 and 6100N. However, there are some models that don’t have this feature. For example the 610P only has 48-pin drivers. If you need to work with large pin count devices, choose a model with the 144.

There are several other things you should consider before you buy as well. This includes things like the MCU support, communication interface, storage media, and socket adaptor series. It is best to look closely at each of these things before you commit to buying a device.

Order a universal programmer from Kanda

If you need one of these fantastic programmers you can browse the range on our website. We get stock directly from Xeltek as authorised distributors. That means we offer genuine, high quality products. We can also give clients the best prices and up to date support.

You can also contact us directly if you don’t know which universal programmer is right for you. We can help you to choose. There is even a Xeltek device search tool on our website.

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