Everything the MPLAB Snap has to offer

Our team supplies high end programming equipment to clients all around the world. We even have Microchip snap products in our collection. For years, we have been expanding our service to serve as many countries as we can. No matter the location, we strive to offer a service each client can trust. In addition, we have made the effort to ensure that there are solutions to match every budget.

The MPLAB Snap debugger/programmer

With regards to Microchip snap technology, one of our most popular products is the MPLAB debugger/programmer. This little gem permits users to program and debug a series of microcontrollers. This includes SAM Flash, AVR, and PIC designs. It also includes dsPIC Digital Signal Controllers. The big advantage is they let users work quickly and easily. Snap uses the robust graphical user interface belonging to MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment. This is version 5.05 and beyond.

What does it do?

What the MPLAB Snap does is link to your computer using a high-speed USB 2.0 interface. What’s more, you can hook it up to your target using an 8-pin Single In-Line connector. The connector uses two device I/O pins as well as the reset line. With them, it applies in-circuit serial programming and in-circuit debugging programming capability. MPLAB comes with all the features and speed that entry-level users require to debug their prototypes rapidly.

Another noteworthy characteristic of the MPLAB Snap is a robust 32-bit, 300MHz SAM E70 Arm Cortex-M7 based MCU. This guarantees fast debugging Iterations. There is support available for a wide target voltage. Moreover, the Microchip Snap supports sophisticated interfaces. This includes a Serial Wire Debug with streaming data gateway and 4-wire JTAG.

You will also be happy to hear that the Snap is backwards compatible with target systems employing 2-wire ICSP and JTAG, headers, and demo boards too. This makes it even more useful.

The Snap’s other features

The Snap also has a handful of other features to speak of. For example, it was designed to match the clocking speed of silicon target. It will program as quickly as the device permits. What’s more, there is a target voltage ranging from 1.20V to 5.05V. Thanks to this considerable target, it can support a myriad of gadgets.

The Snap is USB and portable powered as well. Since it is powered using a high-speed USB 2.0, you won’t need any exterior power. Not to mention, it is RoHS and CE compliant.

Finally, it features upgrades. Users can add new machine features and support by introducing the most recent version of MPLAB X IDE.

Come to us for Microchip snap products

At Kanda, it is easy for you to get your hands on Microchip snap technology for a reasonable price. We have the MPLAB Snap debugger/programmer in stock. You may also be interested in our PICKIT4 programmer. This is capable of running from MPLAB IDE.

Contact the team at Kanda today if you would like to buy either of them. We can also offer a lot of useful advice if you need help choosing products.

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