Atmel ICE and mass production

At Kanda we work hard to ensure our customers have access to a huge range of high quality products. We want to be a one stop shop for people who make all kinds of electronic devices. To do this, we stock a full range of programmers as well as an array of components. We have branded items like the Atmel ICE and many of our own products too. Whatever you choose, you can expect it to meet your needs.

Moving to mass production

All electronic devices will begin with a development phase. Here the producer will create an initial prototype to explore their concept and develop it from there. Once they have a final design they are happy with, they can move on to mass production.

The move from prototyping and development to production is not always easy though. What you will likely find is you need new tools. The ones for developing the prototype may not be sufficient for churning out a series of devices. They may make it too time consuming to do it at a sufficient rate. They may also not be suitable for use in a production environment.

Most producers will invest in dedicated production programmers for their lines. These products can provide the speed they need. In many cases they will also be very simple to use so that people on the production line don’t need a huge amount of training. They will also be able to handle the environment.

Using Atmel ICE

While the above is true, there are some cases when you won’t need to invest in new production programming equipment. If you use the Atmel ICE for the initial development it may still work for your next phase, depending on how large the batches are.

What you need to keep in mind here is the ICE is a very powerful development tool. It is very popular because it can program a huge array of microcontrollers. In addition it is a cost effective option.

Although the Atmel ICE was not designed for production programming, it can handle it as long as you keep the batches small. With the right set-up, drivers, and resources you can be successful here. It also helps that you can create and upload production programming software.

Choosing your tools

Kanda is one of the largest stockists of programming products in the world. We are proactive here, ensuring we add new items to our range as soon as possible. That means we can help our customers to stay up to date with advances. At the same time, we work hard to ensure we continue to stock older ranges for as long as possible. That means people are not forced to invest in new tools if they don’t want to.

So, whether you want to learn more about Atmel ICE or need anything else, choose us. You can get in touch if you have any questions or want recommendations. We also have lots of useful resources for you on our website.

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