A cost effective and easy to use programmer

It is our job to ensure that customers have the right tools for their programming work. Our merchandise even includes the useful keyfob programmers. In addition to supplying quality goods, we also want to ensure that our clients have access to great resources. They can find these on our website.

The best design philosophy for any electronic device is that they need to be easy to use. In addition, they have to be cost effective. The keyfob mini programmer meant for the useful PIC microcontroller meets these requirements. It happens to be the one of most straightforward programmers you can find. It is the perfect companion for anyone who must upgrade their equipment or products in the field. You can do this regardless of the industry you belong to.

The clue is in the name

The keyfob programmers are precisely what they sound like. They come in a car key fob case. As a result, they are incredibly compact, portable, and light. You won’t have a difficult time working them either. Simply plug the programmer into a target circuit. Afterwards, press the button. If your light remains green, then your programming has been a success. Red lights indicate that there is an issue. It could not be any easier.

Initially, the programmer is loaded from your PC using a printer port interface and simple software. As soon as you load the code, it becomes entirely portable. You can use it anywhere. In order to alter the data, you just need to reload it from your PC. Do this as many times as you have to. The data you can change includes the file to program or the PIC device type.

Use the programmer whenever you need to

When it is ready, you are free to utilise the keyfob programmer wherever you need it. You don’t have to be in a location with a PC in it. This makes it a great option to use in the production line or in the field. If you need to upgrade systems or products after they are in service, you should use this kind of programmer. It is the same if you must customise them on the production line.

Because of the straightforward operation, anyone can use the programmer. This is without worrying about mistakes. That means the tech is more accessible and can reduce costs for companies that manufacture devices.

Come to us for the best keyfob programmers

At Kanda, we have plenty of programmers to spare. The variants include PIC, ST7, COP8, and AVR ones. In addition, we supply batteries so you can keep the devices in operation. Everything is available for a reasonable price and we offer outstanding technical support. As a result we have countless customers who are repeat clients.

If you would like to purchase keyfob programmers, please get in touch with us. We can help you to choose the right model.

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