Microchip Snap – Troubleshooting tips

If you want the ability to debug and program many different devices, you need the right debugger. There are plenty of options here. One of the most popular is the PICKit 4. However, the Microchip Snap (MPLAB) may be a better option. It is a low cost option that has a lot of the functionality. It does come without a box or cables but this should not be an issue for regular users.

When you are using the Snap you may find you encounter some issues. Below are some things you can try to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve them.

One-time events

Sometimes an issue simply happens because it is a one-off. You may be able to try the operation a second time successfully.

General programming

Some issues are because of a more general problem. What you need to do here is begin by doing a test. You should try to program a target with the simplest application. If that will not work the issue is likely with the target set-up.

Damage on the target

Sadly the target board you are working with may have some form of damage. For example it may have been exposed to excess current. What you should do is try your debugger on another board to see if it works here.

Use Microchip resources

One of the greatest things about the Microchip Snap is there are many useful resources. Some of the best for troubleshooting are the demonstration boards. They can showcase various applications for different microcontrollers and are proven to work. So, if one will not work for you, there is an issue with your debugger functionality.

Program speed

Debuggers can have variable programming speeds so they can work with different devices. However, if you set the speed too high it may not work for your application. You should check your setting and then try lowering it to see if that helps.


Unfortunately there are some cases where the programming of the debugger itself is at fault. Here you may need to reprogram it. However, you should only do this if it no longer functions at all. You can do an emergency firmware recovery to return it to factory settings.

Do you want to use the Microchip Snap?

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