Some applications for long range Bluetooth

One of the biggest recent developments with Bluetooth technology is the Low Energy option. The original idea with it was to reduce power consumption and cost. However, at the same time it also made it possible to massively improve the ranges. As a result people can now access long range Bluetooth solutions that can reach over 1km.

There are a number of opportunities with the fantastic ranges here. Below are just a few of the most interesting ones.

Large farms

Agriculture is an industry where many people would likely not expect to find Bluetooth tech. However, it has a number of uses here. Modern farms can make use of the systems for many things. For example they could control sensors on large hydroponic networks. These could tell the system when to release nutrients or even monitor temperatures.

Remote control and identification

The uses for drones are growing very rapidly. However, their range can be limited in some cases. The new Bluetooth tech can help here though. It can allow the creation of remote control and identification solutions with much more range.

Overcoming industrial obstacles

Industrial facilities can be very tricky ones for communication. There can be all kinds of obstacles in the way that block or weaken signals. This can create a lot of challenges for control systems. Luckily, new Bluetooth can help. It can make more robust connections in these environments. The performance can even be great in harsh ones.

Talk to us about long range Bluetooth

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