Switch to SuperPro programmer programming methods

Kanda supplies a wide array of universal programmers for its customers. We have Wellon and Xeltek SuperPro designs in our inventory. These devices aren’t just reliable; they are built to be long lasting as well. Therefore, once you make an investment, you won’t need another for years.

Using SuperPro programmer programming methods has its benefits. You may know of some but not others. We intend to go through some of the advantages you might not be aware of here.


A main benefit is that concurrent programming is more effective than traditional gang programmers are. It is superior to synchronous programming too. With projects, there is minimal downtime. In addition, the operator can do more rather than sitting idle for periods. You can do an 8-gang programmer’s job using four SuperPro 6100 programmers. This leads to lower costs for the user.

A rapid programmer

SuperPro models are incredibly fast too. They have a built in RISC 32Bit MCU. The SuperPro 6100 is capable of programming 1Gb NAND Flash in a mere 108 seconds. In other words, it is quicker than the majority of gang programmers. An operator is able to program more chips in a single day with SuperPro so it is excellent for production use.

Large socket adapters

Finally, SuperPro can support some huge socket adapters. This includes TQFP160, PLCC84, and BGA 256. With gang programmers, most of them have narrow spaces between the sockets.

At Kanda, we have solutions to suit every budget. In addition to selling universal programmers, we offer a custom design and modification service. This allows us to give everyone the precise product they require. There are also lots of resources on our website.

If you would like to know more about us, you are welcome to get in touch anytime. We have a lot of experience so we can help clients to choose the right products for any situation.

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