Zigbee technology and its applications

Our speciality is supplying products that can assist electronic engineers and trainers. These include our Bluetooth Zigbee device servers. We have had the privilege of serving customers from all over the globe. Clients rate our service highly, appreciating that it is reliable, cost effective, and fast.

Zigbee technology has several applications. This is one of the main reasons why people use it over other options. We want to give you an idea of how functional it is. To do so, we are going to talk about some of the potential uses here. Read on to discover what you can use the tech to accomplish.

Automation in industrial settings

The first application we will discuss is industrial automation. Communication links observe a wide array of critical equipment. This happens in production as well as manufacturing industries. They do the same for parameters and do so continually. As a result, Zigbee can lower the communication costs here. It also optimises the control operation to increase reliability.

Home automation

Home automation is another thing that Zigbee excels at. It is ideal for remotely managing a wide array of home appliances. It can do so as a heating and cooling system control, and as a heating system control measure. In addition it is useful for controlling CCTV and aiding with safety equipment operations. There are many other possible uses here too.


The next application we will go over is smart metering. There is a plethora of Zigbee remote operations here. Examples include security over power theft and pricing support. Another would be energy consumption response.

Grid monitoring

The final use on our list is smart grid monitoring. The tech can do several things here. This includes reactive power management, fault locating, and remote temperature monitoring.

At Kanda, we are experts in various forms of programming. We have experience with lots of different tech, including Bluetooth Zigbee device servers. This means we can provide you with advice on the merchandise you are looking to purchase. Our website also contains a series of guides that you are free to have a look at.

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