Should I pick IC or universal programmers?

Kanda is an excellent place for electronic engineers and trainers. Here, they can purchase the tools they need. This includes universal programmers. People don’t choose our merchandise for it’s quality alone however. They are also fond of our online shopping service because it is reliable and cost effective.

Something IC manufacturers always strive to do is facilitate development. To do so, they supply dedicated programmers. They have burners and writers as well. All of these products are to support their chips. However, users know that universal programmers support these gadgets too. High-end designs are especially useful. As a result, users find themselves unable to decide between programmers.

Some do believe that IC manufacturers have superior utensils. Yet, the fact is that universal programmers possess greater attributes. For example, they’re more dependable. They also come with lower maintenance costs and have higher yield rates. Additionally, the programming speed is quicker and they can replace various device writers.


For reliability, there is minimal hardware damage. This is thanks to features like pin contact verification. Over voltage and over current protection come in handy as well. You are also able to adjust ISP programming speeds. This enables you to accommodate board design specifications.

One device

It wouldn’t be efficient to buy several dedicated programmers. Instead, you should consider a one-time investment. There are plenty of universal programmers out there. A notable example would be the SuperPro 6100.

At Kanda, we can provide customers with a host of SuperPro universal programmers. We have the SP600P, SP7000, and SP-ISP03 to name a few. Our company also has a huge collection of socket adapters. You can buy some to go with your programmers.

If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to answer any of your questions. Our experience and technical knowledge means we can advise each client to ensure they get the right product.

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