USB simplifies data acquisition

Programming equipment doesn’t usually come cheap. However, we are the first choice for many because of our outstanding selection and prices. People are often surprised at the amount they need to pay to purchase our goods. Whether it is programmers, Quick USB modules, adaptors or something else, we provide great value. As a result we have some very happy customers.

Introducing data acquisition abilities to your PC can be as easy as it is to plug in a keyboard or mouse. Simply attach a compact acquisition module to your computer. Next, install the software and link your sensor to the module directly. Within minutes, you’ll be collecting data whenever you need it. This is with superb accuracy as well. Moreover you haven’t had to open your PC up or think about IRQs.

Thanks to USB it is very easy to use a computer to capture data. All you need is the right products. This includes a USB module, serial expansion buses, and more compatible function modules.

It’s all about ease of use

During the creation of USB, ease of use was the main focus. Therefore, manufacturers designed various features to make installation simple. For instance, USB devices are bonafide plug-and-play objects. There’s no setting of configuration jumpers, interrupts, or address lines. When you plug a peripheral in, the host PC automatically identifies it. Afterwards, it searches for the software for it to work. Due to the ease of installation, you can share USB peripherals between computers.

There’s one advantage of USB that’s particularly profound; it inspires confidence in PC users of varying degrees of experience. If you can work a PC, you can install a USB peripheral and have it functioning in minutes.

At Kanda, we have products available for people who are both new to and familiar with USB modules. Our introductory bundle for example makes getting started with Quick USB easy. It includes everything you need.

If you want the Quick USB advantage in a chip, then you should try our chip pack. It is a fantastic product and available for a great price.

Contact us today if we can be of assistance to you. One thing we love doing is offering advice and ensuring our clients choose the right products.

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